10 Best Halloween Decorations
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10 Halloween Decorations To Get You In A Spooky Mood

It's September...so basically Halloween, right?

10 Halloween Decorations To Get You In A Spooky Mood

Maybe you haven't started decorating for Halloween yet, but it's never too early to start thinking about it. I, for one, already have my tiny potion bottles sitting on my desk. Whether you do your Halloween decorations big or small, there is always the chance to have the best decorations around. Now, Halloween isn't for everyone, as some people just don't like the idea of being scared or ghosts or the afterlife, but, for some of us, Halloween is a chance to be what we've always dreamt of being. No matter how much you love or hate Halloween, decorating is essential. There are perfect little displays for every budget and style; so don't worry if you prefer a (candy) "corny" Halloween.

1. "Book of Shadows"


Stacking up spooky-titled books is always a popular choice for Halloween. "The Book of Shadows" is my personal favorite Halloweeny book, but any creepy titles will do. If you don't want to buy one, feel free to carve up some Styrofoam and paint on the design you want. Or, temporarily recover a book you already have. You can even make the books a little bit creepier by creating a lid and having some green goo, skeleton hands or rat tails coming out!

2. Potion Bottles

Lia Griffith

These are my personal favorite decorations, because of the limitless possibilities. If you are more of a creative type, I recommend buying the supplies so that you can make a few bottles yourself. The supplies are relatively inexpensive (depending on what you plan to put inside your potion bottle) and the great thing about them is you can never have too many. No amount of potion bottles will ever be too many, because they are so versatile are quinitessential.

3. Skulls

Maison Valentina

Skulls: a Halloween decoration staple and a terrifying decoration. With all the different styles available in stores, you probably won't have any trouble finding one that suits your personality. Whether you are going for one to scare the wits out of everyone or maybe you want a fun colorful one that makes you laugh, having skull decorations are simple, small and fun.

4. Ceramic pumpkins


I have yet to go into a craft store without finding several tables filled with these pumpkins. They used to be fairly difficult to find, but now they are everywhere and they're not too expensive either. These pumpkins can be great for both fall decorating and Halloween, so you can keep them out a little longer to make sure you get your money's worth.

5. Spiderweb

Residence Style

Probably the most inexpensive and effective Halloween decoration, if not a bit messy. A bag of spiderweb can cost anywhere form $1.50 to $5.00, so it's affordable for everyone. Plus, one bag of spiderweb can go a long way. Chances are if you decorate with spiderweb, you won't need any other decorations to show your Halloween spirit.

6. Fairy lights


The name may be deceiving, but these lights can be very Halloween-y. Obviously, the fairy light style comes in many different kinds, as they have gained popularity in recent years. It shouldn't be too hard for you to find a strand with ghosts, cats or pumpkins on them--ones you can hang anywhere you see fit.

7. Lanterns

Woo Home

What a great way to give your home or apartments a little spooky lighting! The best suggestions I can give you is that you use fake candles with flickering lights. This way, you don't have to worry about them and can leave them on as much as you want.

8. Festive candy dish

Meadowbrooke Gourds

We all know that Halloween is no stranger to candy. Even the smallest dish on your kitchen counter can bring in enough of a Halloween theme. And don't worry, you can keep all the candy for yourself.

9. Witch's cauldron


Double, double, toil and trouble! A cauldron with some dry ice is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Not only is it creepy, it's also interactive. Having decorations that actually move or speak for some reason is 10 times better than other decorations.

10. Hourglass

Bonanza Market

A countdown is something that can be a bit unsettling, even when it isn't the spookiest month of them all. Having a pair of skeleton hands grasping an hourglass with falling sand can be a great small decoration to add to your coffee table. It also works great as a timer if you need one, for whatever reason.

I recommend doing your Halloween shopping sooner rather than later as prices can be hiked up and stores picked over as you get closer to the day. Even if you aren't the biggest All Hallows Eve fan, you should still make your way into town to see what is out there. It's not every day that stores are "themed."

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