5 Best Google Chrome Extensions For College Students
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These 5 Google Chrome Extensions Made Studying SO Much Easier For Me As A College Student

Study smarter, not harder!

These 5 Google Chrome Extensions Made Studying SO Much Easier For Me As A College Student

Google Chrome is great, but the ability to add extensions and add on's is really what makes Chrome the superior browser (in my humble opinion). Below is a list of my top five Google Chrome extensions.

1. Weava

Weava is a Chrome extension that allows you to highlight web pages and PDFs and automatically copies them into your account, which is super useful for when you're doing assignments and have to read long journals/articles. Plus, Weava helps you cite your sources so you're not committing academic dishonesty.

My favorite part? You can choose between 5 different colors to highlight, and each color goes to a separate folder!

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a lifesaver! This is the only app I have ever paid a premium for. Essentially, Grammarly tracks your writing, and as you make grammatical errors, it corrects you with a pop-up.

This has come in clutch not only for writing emails to professors but also for my important research papers as well. If you download the web app, it evens allows you to put your intended tone and audience as well and will tell you how to improve your writing!

My favorite part? I struggle a lot with passive voice in my writing, and Grammarly calls it out!

3. Adblocker for YouTube

I owe an alarmingly large amount of my knowledge to the Hank Green YouTube series, especially when it comes to understanding current political events.

However, I hate when I'm finally understanding content and I'm interrupted by ads. Also, when I'm working out, ads always interrupt the videos I'm watching. This extension is great to have the OG uninterrupted Youtube experience.

My favorite part? Not having to waste time watching ads!

4. MailTracker

Mail Tracker is the equivalent of read receipts but via email! Whether it's emailing a professor and knowing if they've seen your message before following up or waiting on another person's availability for a meeting, Mail Tracker is extremely helpful in making sure your messages are getting read and not hidden in someone's inbox.

My favorite part? Knowing a professor genuinely hasn't seen my email, and that I'm not being ignored.

5. Checker Plus for Google Calendar

I, like many others, simply live off of my google calendar, especially during the semester. Instead of having to open my calendar itself to see what I have coming up, this extension hangs out next to my search bar and I can just click on it to get a view of my calendar.

Also, if I'm typing, I can look up and it'll give me a minute-by-minute count down till my next event if it's coming up.

My favorite part? Seeing an overview of my week without opening up a new web page!

Now that you have my favorite Google Chrome Extensions, be sure to give them a try before your semester starts. Though these have been lifesavers for me, you may find that these aren't what make you feel productive, and that's OK!

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