Your Best Friend Should Be Your Biggest Cheerleader
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If Your Best Friend Isn't Your Biggest Cheerleader, Why Give Them The 'Best Friend' Crown?

If they can get through the struggles in life and STILL lift you up, then you sure as hell can.

If Your Best Friend Isn't Your Biggest Cheerleader, Why Give Them The 'Best Friend' Crown?
Amber Armstrong

Being called someone's "best friend" is a compliment and a huge booster, especially when you're being introduced to their other, so-called, best friends (yes, I am her best friend. And yes, I love her the most, Karen #SorryNotSorry). Urban Dictionary would describe this special person in your life as, "Your inspiration, your hero; best friends help each other to become better people by using honest, constructive criticism that sometimes hurts to hear, but is all for the best in the end."

If your best friend isn't helping you grow mentally, spiritually, or physically, are they truly worthy of this title?

If they aren't making you squat that extra rep at the gym, or making sure you're eating your greens, then why keep them at such a high status? You need to surround yourself with individuals who want nothing more than to water the best parts of you and to watch you grow into your highest potential.

My best friend/other half is around 4,000 miles away but yet, she is one of the biggest inspirations and cheerleaders I have. She keeps tabs on my life, asks if everything is okay when I post an odd Snapchat story, and even asks if I'M okay when she is at her lowest. I couldn't imagine not having her positive vibes/beautiful energy filling my life every single day, even when it's coming all the way from England/the land of tea and crumpets.

She is the main reason I started lifting weights and living a healthier lifestyle because she did, and I saw how it changed her life which is what I wanted for myself. She is one of the biggest inspirations I get to see grow every day, and every day I strive to better myself and push her to mold into the incredible woman she is/going to become.

If you can't say the same about the person you give this label to, what are you doing? Every step of the way and every obstacle I have to overcome, this incredible, bad-ass woman is right there, cheering me on until my abs hurt (truly, she's killed me in the gym before). And I like to think I help her in the same way.

Every "best friend" relationship should have a mutual give and take mentality. When one isn't strong enough, the other needs to give 110% to help in any way possible.

Whether it's through buying them a coffee on their "off" day, driving them to the store in order to purchase the M&M cookies they have been craving all day or spending $100 on alcohol because "treat yo'self." The little things make all the difference in nurturing a relationship that is worth watering, and I can sure as hell say this is a friendship I will NEVER give up on. Because who else is going to tag me in memes or fitness videos?

Her strength is one of the reasons why I NEVER throw the towel in. Because I believe if my biggest cheerleader can get through all the struggles in life and STILL lift me up, then I sure as hell can.

I hope you reflect on the deepest relationships you surround yourself with and continue to get your pom poms out on their darkest days as they should for you.

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