Originally hailing from this blustery city, I know my way around Edinburgh pretty well. Edinburgh restaurants? Even better. There's no reason not to travel to such a historic and gorgeous city, especially when some of the most incredible goodies your taste buds will ever meet are there to be enjoyed.

The Fudge House.

Wikimedia Commons

The Italian Brothers who opened this shop on the Royal Mile vowed to make the best fudge in Scotland and I can't help but think they have succeeded. Nestled in a small stone alcove at the bottom of the street, this fudge shop offers every kind of fudge you could imagine from chocolate peanut butter to pistachio and white chocolate to lemon meringue pie! The workers are exceptionally lovely and offer free samples before you buy, so you can try as much as you like before you buy. Although you can buy individual bricks, a small box of 5 pieces of fudge costs only £11! This is a must for any visitor with a sweet tooth.

The Elephant House.


Located in Old Town, this coffee shop and teahouse offers a really cozy atmosphere and delicious food. My personal favorite combinations are the baked potato and Scottish Breakfast tea or a slice of homemade cheesecake with a gingerbread latte. What more could a person need? Only downside? It's constantly busy due to the fact that JK Rowling spent the 90s writing Harry Potter there. Upside? The bathroom is covered in Harry Potter fan art and quotes for every wizard fan.

Victor Hugo Deli.

geograph.org.uk / Creative Commons

I did not know that in my time wandering Edinburgh I would find the best sandwiches the city has to offer. Low and behold, I think I've done it. Located on the Meadows near beautiful student neighborhoods and family friendly parks, this deli is the perfect place to stop for a bite to eat on a sunny day (just kidding, it never stops raining in Scotland). There are a variety of sandwiches offered and all are served on warm, buttery croissants or fresh French bread. Named after the famous French author, the deli offers a rustic and cozy ambiance inside with plenty of cold drinks, pastries, and coffees to choose from. And they have macarons, guys. MACARONS.

The Gorgie Fish Bar.


Ok, so the shop may be nestled between a consignment shop and utility store, but what it lacks for in aesthetics it makes up for in incredible food. You can't go to Scotland and not try the fish and chips (unless you're vegetarian, in which case, I get it) and the Gorgie Fish Bar is the perfect example of every Scottish person's favorite late night destination. of, this classic cuisine cannot be missed. The shop is popular for its commitment to freshly cooked fish and speedy prep and in a fairly sized city like Edinburgh has gained a reputation for being the best place to get a cheap hot meal that won't let you down. Covered in batter, deep fried, and paired with crispy chips that are doused in salt and pepper, these fish and chips won't let you down.

Petit Paris.

geograph.org.uk / Creative Commons

This restaurant already has an advantage because of its location, placed in the Grassmarket with a gorgeous view of Edinburgh Castle. However, the location doesn't distract from how insanely good the food and service is here. It is the priciest place on this list, but for good reason. Apart from authentic and traditional French food made onsite by French chefs, Petit Paris also offers an incredible selection of dessert wines to pair with their famous Creme Brulee (which they say is to share but can definitely be consumed by one person, i.e me) and warm bread served with goat cheese. The real bonus of this place? The owner is a beautiful French man who goes from table to table to greet the guests and get to know them. *swoons*

So ignore the castle! Tune out the bagpipes! Edinburgh is there for you to eat!*

*I mean, do actually go see the castle and maybe pay attention to the bagpipes, just make sure to grab a sandwich before you go