9 Vanished Retailers That Are Gone But Not Forgotten

9 Vanished Retailers That Are Gone But Not Forgotten

Remembering the places we loved to shop.


The internet has taken over. Now a days, consumers are stepping from their comfort zones to shop. They are heading online for good deals or even to have something shipped to a store. This has created more competition for retailers and have even caused some to cease operations. Earlier this week, it was announced that Sears can be the next one to vanish. While it's future still remains a mystery, as it can be the next on this list, here are 9 vanished retailers that many will recall shopping at.

1. Toys "R" US

After falling into bankruptcy last year, the beloved toy store tried finding a new buyer. The retailer couldn't find one, leaving all of it's U.S. stores to close down. While it might have vanished in North America, it still remains open in Canada, where parents can continue to shop with their children.

2. Babies "R" Us

It was the place pregnant mothers use to head to for the crib, stroller, and all the baby needs. Just like Toys "R" Us, Babies "R" US fell in the same situation. Babies "R" Us can also be seen in Canada as well.

3. Kid "R" US

There was Toys "R" Us, Babies "R" Us, and then there was Kids "R" Us. A clothing store part of the company that focused mainly on children's clothing. Kids "R" Us was the first of the three to close its doors. It's been 15 years since they were last seen.

4. Zany Brainy

If you were looking for educational toys for your child or even teenager, Zany Brainy was the place to go. In 2001, it, unfortunately, went into bankruptcy. Eventually, it ceased operations, however, within two years, it's founder and ceo, founded a new discounted place to buy educational toys and other merchandise. That was Five Below. While Zany Brainy remains a thing of the past, it's customers continue to shop at its successor.

5. Borders

At one point, Barnes and Noble wasn't the only book store to purchase a good read. Known as it's rival, Borders was another place book lovers could purchase a book or check out music. According to businesstimes.com, the book chain was unable to compete with the internet, ebooks, and even had too many stores.

6.Circuit City

The electronic consumer was once an option when physically purchasing a TV, camera, iPod, and other electronic devices. This year will mark a decade since it shut down all its stores. While it might not have any retail locations, it's website still remains up and running.

7. Blockbuster

Movies, movies, movies. And then there was video games and candy. Blockbuster was the go-to store for movie rentals. It's cheap prices and high selection of titles attracted almost everyone. Like many non-surviving stores, the video distributor entered bankruptcy in 2010. It's surviving locations were bought by Dish. That didn't change much as more stores closed down. Today, only one remains standing.

8. MovieStop

Day in and out, video game lovers enter and exit GameStop. Little do they might know, there was a MovieStop. Just like Gamestop, MovieStop allowed consumers to purchase new and used merchandise.

9. Linens N Things

It had bedding, bath, and so much more. Sadly, Linens N Things did not end up surviving. While its website remained up and running, unfortunately, it doesn't remain active anymore.

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For Camille, With Love

To my godmother, my second mom, my rooted confidence, my support


First grade, March. It was my first birthday without my mom. You through a huge party for me, a sleepover with friends from school. It included dress up games and making pizza and Disney trivia. You, along with help from my grandma, threw me the best birthday party a 7-year-old could possibly want.

During elementary school, I carpooled with you and a few of the neighborhood kids. I was always the last one to be dropped off, sometimes you would sneak a donut for me. Living next door to you was a blessing. You helped me with everything. In second grade, you helped me rehearse lines for history day so I could get extra credit. In 4th grade, you helped me build my California mission.

You and your sister came out to my 6th grade "graduation". You bought me balloons and made me feel as if moving onto middle school was the coolest thing in the entire world.

While you moved away from next door, you were a constant in my life. Going to Ruby's Diner for my birthday, seeing movies at the Irvine Spectrum and just hanging out, I saw you all the time. During these times, you told me about all of the silly things you did with my mom and dad, how my mom was your best friend. I couldn't have had a greater godmother.

In middle school, you pushed me to do my best and to enroll in honors. You helped me through puberty and the awkward stages of being a woman.

Every single time I saw you, it would light up my entire day, my week. You were more than my godmother, you were my second mom. You understood things that my grandma didn't.

When you married John, you included me in your wedding. I still have that picture of you, Jessica, Aaron and myself on my wall at college. I was so happy for you.

Freshmen year of high school, you told me to do my best. I did my best because of you. When my grandma passed away that year, your shoulder was the one I wanted to cry on.

You were there when I needed to escape home. You understood me when I thought no one would. You helped me learn to drive, letting me drive all the way from San Clemente to Orange.

When I was applying to colleges, you encouraged me to spread my wings and fly. You told me I should explore, get out of California. I wanted to study in London, you told me to do it. That's why, when I study abroad this Spring in London, I will do it for you.

When I had gotten into UWT, you told me to go there. I did and here I am, succeeding and living my best in Tacoma. I do it for you, because of you.

When I graduated high school and I was able to deliver a speech during our baccalaureate, you cheered me on. You recorded it for me, so I could show people who weren't able to make it to the ceremony. You were one of the few people able to come to my actual graduation. You helped me celebrate the accomplishments and awards from my hard work.

When your cancer came back, I was so worried. I was afraid for you, I was afraid of what I would do without the support you had always given me. When I was in Rome, I went to the Vatican and had gotten a Cross with a purple gem in the middle blessed by the Pope to help you with your treatments. It was something from me and a little bit of my mom in the necklace, the gem.

Now, sitting so far from you away at college just like you wanted me to. I miss you. I wish I was there to say goodbye.

I'll travel the world for you, write lots of stories and books for you, I will live life to the fullest for you.

You are another angel taken too early in life. Please say hello to my parents and grandma in Heaven for me.

Lots of love,


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Nobody Said Working In Retail Was Easy

My mood can change by just one customer.


At some point, everyone ends up working in retail or the service industry. It's a rite of passage before entering the actual workforce. However, no one ever tells you how difficult it will be.

All that people see when they think about retail is standing in a store for a few hours ringing up customers. Nobody thinks about stocking the shelves with new inventory, cleaning the store, and putting up new displays for the season.

Working in retail seemed like an easy job choice. I would learn how to do inventory, maybe fold some clothes, and that would be it. Somedays, it can be an emotionally draining job, depending on the type of people that come into the store.

On a day to day basis, most people that I ring up or help in the store are lovely. They are open to talking and are courteous if they have to wait while you ask a question for them. They make your day that much better.

There are always the regulars and after being there for a couple of days, you know what they are going to get. Their presence in the store is something you look forward to. It's the little things like that that make the job so much fun.

Then, there are the customers that are rude to you no matter what you do. It becomes mind-boggling how someone can act that way towards someone who is only trying to help them. It makes anything a nice customer would do seem pointless.

"The customer is always right," is a phrase often heard during my day at work. That is never the case. And while I will do everything to try and help you sometimes there truly is nothing that can be done.

The people that I work with, make my time there that much better. Talking to them makes the day fly by and any project we work on can be a fun one.

While working in retail can be fun, it's also very difficult. Every day is different depending on the type of customers. So remember, the next time you go out shopping, try to be nice to the people working in the stores.

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