9 Vanished Retailers That Are Gone But Not Forgotten

9 Vanished Retailers That Are Gone But Not Forgotten

Remembering the places we loved to shop.


The internet has taken over. Now a days, consumers are stepping from their comfort zones to shop. They are heading online for good deals or even to have something shipped to a store. This has created more competition for retailers and have even caused some to cease operations. Earlier this week, it was announced that Sears can be the next one to vanish. While it's future still remains a mystery, as it can be the next on this list, here are 9 vanished retailers that many will recall shopping at.

1. Toys "R" US

After falling into bankruptcy last year, the beloved toy store tried finding a new buyer. The retailer couldn't find one, leaving all of it's U.S. stores to close down. While it might have vanished in North America, it still remains open in Canada, where parents can continue to shop with their children.

2. Babies "R" Us

It was the place pregnant mothers use to head to for the crib, stroller, and all the baby needs. Just like Toys "R" Us, Babies "R" US fell in the same situation. Babies "R" Us can also be seen in Canada as well.

3. Kid "R" US

There was Toys "R" Us, Babies "R" Us, and then there was Kids "R" Us. A clothing store part of the company that focused mainly on children's clothing. Kids "R" Us was the first of the three to close its doors. It's been 15 years since they were last seen.

4. Zany Brainy

If you were looking for educational toys for your child or even teenager, Zany Brainy was the place to go. In 2001, it, unfortunately, went into bankruptcy. Eventually, it ceased operations, however, within two years, it's founder and ceo, founded a new discounted place to buy educational toys and other merchandise. That was Five Below. While Zany Brainy remains a thing of the past, it's customers continue to shop at its successor.

5. Borders

At one point, Barnes and Noble wasn't the only book store to purchase a good read. Known as it's rival, Borders was another place book lovers could purchase a book or check out music. According to businesstimes.com, the book chain was unable to compete with the internet, ebooks, and even had too many stores.

6.Circuit City

The electronic consumer was once an option when physically purchasing a TV, camera, iPod, and other electronic devices. This year will mark a decade since it shut down all its stores. While it might not have any retail locations, it's website still remains up and running.

7. Blockbuster

Movies, movies, movies. And then there was video games and candy. Blockbuster was the go-to store for movie rentals. It's cheap prices and high selection of titles attracted almost everyone. Like many non-surviving stores, the video distributor entered bankruptcy in 2010. It's surviving locations were bought by Dish. That didn't change much as more stores closed down. Today, only one remains standing.

8. MovieStop

Day in and out, video game lovers enter and exit GameStop. Little do they might know, there was a MovieStop. Just like Gamestop, MovieStop allowed consumers to purchase new and used merchandise.

9. Linens N Things

It had bedding, bath, and so much more. Sadly, Linens N Things did not end up surviving. While its website remained up and running, unfortunately, it doesn't remain active anymore.

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2. Duck lips

The legendary duck lips. The bigger the lips the better. I went through a phase where I don't think I ever took a picture with my teeth showing. Why did we think this was cool? I wish I knew.

3. Atrocious wardrobe

Sophie shorts ring a bell? I think I had one in at least every color. Oh and don't forget about my soccer ball ones that I just HAD to wear to soccer practice. What about tying your shirt to the side or tucking in the front of your t-shirt to your shorts? For some reason, this was a long-running style. I am not sure how.

4. Forward messages

Those messages were so annoying yet fun. If I didn't forward those I swear I thought something was actually going to happen to me.

5. Learning everything on the bus

From bad words to inappropriate anything. You learned what things were and where things came from. I learned more things on the bus than I ever did in school.

6. Festivals

They were the best thing to do on a summer weekend. You couldn't miss it. Although no on really rode the rides or played games. It was basically a giant get together for your side of town with a bunch of middle school drama.

7. Awkward mirror selfies

Don't lie, we've all taken them at some point.

8. Edited pictures

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9. Webcam pictures

What're you doing tonight? Oh, just taking pics on my webcam.

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Cover Image Credit: Olivia Wessel

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7 Places That Make 6th Street In Austin, TX The BEST Street In Austin

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When you think of Texas, I'm sure you think of cowboy hats and George Bush, but in the bustling city of Austin, it is so much more than that, especially on 6th street.

Voodoo Doughnut 

Are you a big Krispy Kreme fan? Well, you won't be any more after you indulge one of the Voodoo doughnuts from their well-known pink boxes. According to Voodoo Doughnut, "Good things come in pink boxes," especially their Homer and Bacon Maple Bar doughnut. (Based on personal experience)

Buffalo Billiards 

A yee-haw western bar that brings a modern twist into it. Come have fun and play some pool or darts or have some real fun by ordering drinks such as their "Blue Balls," or "Nice Rack."

Green Light Social 

An organic patio bar that is appropriate for just about anyone from young professionals to college students in Austin. Get yourself a nice "adult" Capri Sun, and dance in the radiant green, glowing lights.

The Blind Pig Pub 

A popular roof-top bar that has been located in the middle of 6th street for over 15 years and includes games and live music every single day. This pub has a whopping four bars and two floors dedicated to live music, and a chance to enjoy 16 local beers on tap.

Star Bar 

Another great gem that lights up 6th street with its huge neon sign that greets people from afar. This bar has two patios, one in the front for people watching, and another patio in the back. Along with their 17 rotating taps, they are also home of the best Fried Chicken trailer in Texas.

Voodoo Room 

If you are interested in more than just standing around and casual having a nice cocktail at the bar, I recommend Voodoo Room. Here you have the option to dance the night away with bottle service and drink specials from Thursday-Sunday.

Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar 

A bar that is full of entertainment and piano players. This is the only dueling piano bar in Austin, TX that includes a laugh-along and a sing-along great time for everyone.

This is only a sprinkle of what 6th street is all about. From the east side to the west side of this street is full of never-ending unique fun and food that I believe everyone should experience at least once.

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