Best Places To Travel For A Day: All Within Driving Distance Of Central Pennsylvania
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Best Places To Travel For A Day: All Within Driving Distance Of Central Pennsylvania

As A Penn Stater, I’ve found some of the best places to travel to within a day.

Best Places To Travel For A Day: All Within Driving Distance Of Central Pennsylvania

Need to escape your college town for just a day? Maybe you have a long weekend, and you are looking for somewhere close by that you can easily travel to, without having to worry about expensive flights or extensive travel delays. Leaving the area can be a great idea to clear the mind, even for just a little bit! After taking quite a few day trips away from central Pennsylvania, I have discovered a few of the best places within driving distance from Penn State that you should consider for your next day off.

Brigantine Beach

This private beach is around four hours away from Penn State, including traffic! We often miss beaches within the valley, so it can be quite worthwhile to take a trip to a nearby beach! Brigantine Beach is relatively quiet but can still be quite warm and relaxing, especially in the summer.

Washington, D.C.

Simply stated, there's millions of things to do while you're in Washington, D.C.! Less than a four hour drive away remains excellent restaurants, tourist attractions and amazing shops that you can spend days traveling through!

New York City

Similarly to Washington, D.C., you can spend forever in New York and never become bored! Walk around Times Square and shop for the day, or explore the surrounding towns. Take a relaxing stroll, or feel the nighttime city vibes!


Home to some large sports complexes and shopping malls, you can easily visit Philadelphia in the day! Begin by touring through all the shops they have to offer, and end your day with an Eagles football game!


Take in the beautiful sights of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The architecture and lights create a beautiful city vibe while also having plenty to offer for tourists!

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