One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to watch movies while I decorate the Christmas tree, or bake holiday cookies. Here are some of my favorites!



One of the most quotable movies of the 21st century, Elf is a must-see around Christmas. I don't think a holiday season has passed without me watching it at least twice.

Love Actually 

One of the greatest romantic comedies of all time, Love Actually is my personal favorite movie, no matter the season. It involves nine intertwined stories, all of which examine different levels of human existence, and it is all centered around the holiday season. The clip above is from one of the sweetest scenes in the movie.


Although there have been many different versions of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," made, Scrooge, staring Albert Finney and made in 1970, is, in my opinion, the best one. The clip above is my favorite song from the musical, "Thank You Very Much."

A Christmas Story 


A Christmas Story is a classic Christmas movie. It is one of my favorites to watch with my family while we decorate our Christmas tree.

White Christmas

White Christmas

Although it was released in 1954, White Christmas remains to be an iconic Christmas movie because of its amazing soundtrack and wholesome plot line.

Four Christmases 

Four Christmases is a great movie to watch if you are looking for a comedy. Due to flight cancellations, Brad and Kate have to forgo their usual tropical Christmas vacation, and instead visit all of their crazy families in one day. The clip above is one of my favorite scenes, where Kate and Brad get roped into playing Joseph and Mary in the nativity scene.