Getting into Broadway music can be overwhelming because of all the amazing shows. However, from friends, my significant other, and shows I have seen, I have heard some amazing songs. With that, I can say I love Broadway music. Some nights I love to curl up and write while listening to my favorite Broadway tunes. The songs in this list and the ones that didn't make it on the list are beautiful. The emotions and feelings you get from listening to these songs are incredible. Some disclaimers are these songs are in no specific order as they're all amazing. Also, I have not included "Hamilton" and other classics but as I expand my horizons and see more shows, they could appear on a future list.

1. "Seize The Day" — Newsies

This song makes me want to dance and fight for what's right. I love this song and all the different dimensions it has.

2. "No Good Deed/Gutes Tun" — Wicked

I love the German version of this song due to an incredible performer called Willemijn Verkaik. Listen to the original and you'll never view this song the same way again. The song is so deep and beautiful, it puts me in tears.

3. "Super Trooper" — Mamma Mia

Who doesn't love this song? I love the upbeat energy and the original Broadway cast did an excellent rendition of this classic Abba song.

4. "Crazier Than You" — The Addams Family

I've never seen "The Addams Family" and I truthfully don't know how I came across this song. However, I love it and it makes me wish "The Addams Family" would come back to Broadway.

5. "I Believe" — The Book Of Mormon

When my boyfriend played this song for me, of course I loved it — otherwise it wouldn't be on this list — and I really wanted to see "The Book Of Mormon."

6. "The Circle Of Life" — Lion King

I remember seeing this show as a little girl and it sticking with me for a long time. Here is one of the many versions of this classic song.

7. "Do You Hear The People Sing" — Les Miserables

This song shows how deep yet hopeful people were in revolutionary France.

8. "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" — Mary Poppins

When I saw this show on Broadway, I was amazed. I remember how this song was one of many that I loved.

9. "Defying Gravity" — Wicked

This is a classic and iconic song in the show "Wicked." When she actually defies gravity, it is breath taking.

10. "You Can't Stop The Beat" — Hairspray

Last but not least, this awesome song from the hit musical "Hairspray." This inspires me to be confident and be myself.