13 Shows To See On Broadway That Aren't 'Hamilton'

The next time you are looking for the best show to see on Broadway, look outside of the box. There is so much talent on the Broadway stages now, making any show you go to one to remember. Some of these shows are new and only came out this past year, while others have been on Broadway for years and have new casts.

1. "Dear Evan Hansen"

"Dear Evan Hansen" is a very popular musical that follows a boy named Evan Hansen as he struggles with mental illness and the loss of a classmate. The music is great, particularly the song, "Sincerely Me."

2. "Mean Girls"

Based on the 2004 movie, this musical does not disappoint its audiences. The writers maintained everything that was great about the original but added an awesome score and even more hilarious lines to the story.

3. "The Cher Show"

Based on the life of Cher, this show follows her road to fame, "from Sonny to superstardom." Those who know Cher's story well will appreciate the inclusion of some of her biggest hits and the accuracy of the costumes (they brought on her costume designer to assist with the outfits for the show), and people who do not know her well will leave knowing her entire "origin story."

4. "Beautiful: The Carole King Musical"

Like "The Cher Show," "Beautiful" shows the life of Carole King and how the songs she wrote directly relate to what was happening in her life. There are a ton of songs in here that most people will be surprised to hear that she wrote.

5. "Wicked"

This show became an instant classic as a prequel to "The Wizard of Oz." As a huge "Oz" fan, I appreciated all of the references to the original book/movie, as well as the new material that was brought on for the witches' storylines.

6. "The Prom"

This show made history in the 2018 Thanksgiving Day Parade for having the first same-sex kiss. The whole story is both heartwarming and funny, especially for those who are already fans of Broadway or have been in high school.

7. "Waitress"

"Waitress" is about a woman (who, yes, is a waitress) in an abusive relationship with her husband who unexpectedly becomes pregnant. She ends up having an affair with her doctor and entering a pie contest.

8. "Chicago"

"Chicago" is a classic and a must-see for anyone who loves vaudeville. The story follows Roxie Hart, an aspiring vaudevillian as she is arrested for murder after killing the man she was cheating on her husband with. The music is awesome and the staging is unique with the orchestra sitting on stage and occasionally interacting with the actors.

9. "Kinky Boots"

This show is about a shoemaker's son who finds himself taking over the family business after the death of his father. To save the company from bankruptcy, he must come up with a unique idea, which comes to him in the form of Lola, a drag queen in need of heels that can support the weight of a male body.

10. "Come From Away"

Following the events of 9/11, 38 planes were told to land in Canada where the stranded passengers are cared for by the locals. Several different storylines play out as the people bond over the tragedy that has literally brought them together and the effects of the event become apparent.

11. "The Phantom of the Opera"

"The Phantom of the Opera" is about a haunting of an opera house in which a masked ghost tries to get a soprano named Christine to be the lead in the show and seek revenge.

12. "Anastasia"

Based on the 1997 movie, this show is about a duchess who escapes the execution of her entire family, the Romanovs.

13. "The Book of Mormon"

This show pokes fun at religion by showing the adventures of Elder Price as he is given his mission assignation, and it is far from ideal. He is sent to Uganda to try and convert the people there to Mormonism, leading to crazy hijinx.

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