"Big Mouth" season two has finally been released and, like many others, I am super excited! I sat and watched all of the episodes the day they came out, and now I can't wait for season three (please confirm that we are getting one, Netflix!)

1. The relationship between the hormone monsters

I would love to see more about their past in season three.

2. Nick and Coach Steve having the same hormone monster

Coach Steve has some of the best lines in the show, mostly because he is still a child in many ways, just like the protagonists, making his hormone monster a hilarious choice for Nick's character. The entire scene in the pediatrician (where Nick finds out he shares a hormone monster with his sex ed teacher) is iconic.

3. "The Bachelor" spoof in Planned Parenthood

This show is hilarious, but also something I wish was around when I was younger because it uses humor to talk about some of the most awkward parts of growing up, including some of the things that require a bit more education.

4. The episode where Andrew thinks he's gay

Hands down, the best song in the entire series, complete with a spot on Freddy Mercury.

5.The parents

Every now and then, the parents end up in a conversation with the kids, and the dialogue never disappoints.