5 Reasons You Should Switch To Coconut Milk And Stop Believing The Lies Surrounding Cow's Milk
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5 Reasons You Should Switch To Coconut Milk And Stop Believing The Lies Surrounding Cow's Milk

The reasons have never been more clear.

Coconut milk is better for you.

The dairy industry has been lying about cow's milk for years, and it's time we put a stop to drinking it when it's actually unhealthy for us and to start drinking coconut milk.

1. You don't need regular milk to be healthy.

A healthy lifestyle is the only thing needed to maintain good health. Photo by Jannis Brandt on Unsplash

Remember all the times you went to the doctor and were told "milk builds strong bones"? Well, researchers from Harvard University claim that "exercise, hormone levels, good habits, smoking, protein intake, and intake of Vitamins D and K matter more than milk." Emphasis on making healthier choices is far more important than consuming a set number of glasses of dairy milk per day.

2. We are the only species to drink another mammal's milk.

Calf in a pen. Photo by Olga Kravchuk on Unsplash

Think of all the cheese, ice cream, pizza, and yogurt you've consumed over your lifetime. All of these are products of another mammal for their young, but American culture has deemed them as normal components of a healthy diet. This puts calves at the back of the line for their own milk. So, why are we consuming another mammal's source for nutrition?

3. You're fueling an industry of continuous abuse.

Cows have been abused and fenced in for decades to increase milk sales. Black And White Cow Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

The milk industry focuses on animal product consumption and disregards humanity. Dan Paden, an associate director in PETA's Cruelty Investigations Department, highlights the mistreatment of cows: "On dairy farms, they are repeatedly impregnated and then forced to watch helplessly as their terrified babies are torn away from them again and again." The cycle of impregnating cows over and over for mass milk production continues on until the cows are unable to stand up anymore because of the toll on their bodies.

4. Remember the "Got Milk?" Campaign - they were paid to tell you cow milk was healthy for you.

The "Got Milk?" campaign's well-known ad.File:Got milk.svg - Wikipedia

We can all recall the advertisements featuring famous celebrities like the Rock and Whoppi Goldberg, as well as several Olympic athletes, outlining the benefits of drinking milk. What we don't recall is that fine print underneath indicating the ad had been payed for by the California Milk Processor Board, along with other dairy programs. Industries like these are only concerned about one thing: driving up revenue. They do not actually care about the nutritional value of milk but more so your money in their pockets. It's a never ending cycle.

5. The other side is a little sweeter.

Coconut cut up into pieces. Photo by Shibi Zidhick on Unsplash

Coconut milk comes from the extraction of grated pulp from mature coconuts. It gets its rich taste from its high oil content and is dairy-free. It is also good for weight loss, heart health, and boots your immune system when consumed in moderation. Coconut milk is also sweeter in comparison to regular dairy milk.

So the next time you're in line at Starbucks or in the grocery store, maybe consider trying coconut milk and beginning your healthy lifestyle.

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