Please take it from me as a junior at my University, college is so different from high school. The biggest thing is that you are now on your own and it is much more of a responsibility. In high school, you would have so much freedom and everything was new and thrilling but now when you're in college everything still is the same but you are just by yourself and don't have any parents or no one telling you what to do. It is crazy how you don't have supervision and you are just on your own. I decided to go far for college so I was basically moving to a different state for a whole 4 years and that was scary because at the time I didn't know for sure if I wanted to go that far but decided to take the risk. In high school, I went to a private school and there were about 600 kids in the whole school and going from that to a school with 40,000 people. It was a crazy transformation but I wanted to go out and experience the real world and different cultures. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to go someplace other than where all my friends went because I wanted to see the world. It is so crazy how college is such a big step from high school, and how it is so much more adulthood. High school didn't prepare me for college and I kind of wish they did because I would be more on top of it with school and knowing to live on my own.

I like being on my own and independent but I miss that strictness from my parents. A big difference from high school to college is that you don't have to ask to go to the bathroom or ask about anything and can just do it. You can go to class whenever you want and leave whenever you want also. Also in classes, you can prioritize however you want because most of the classes don't take attendance. In class in college you can go on your computer and figure out how you want to spend your time during a lecture, for example, if you want to pay attention or wanna play around with your computer. Also in college, you can choose to not to go to class or not whereas being in high school every class was required. In high school I had to wear a uniform whereas in college you can wear whatever you want. College and high school are different but yet they are similar including receiving an education and making choices about your life. I like college because you are learning about the classes you enjoy and not the same subject like math or theology. I like high school because you didn't have much responsibility and college you do. College is also very hard and tiring. All in all high school is difficult but college is definitely the light at the end of the tunnel, and all of the hardships are worth it. Yes it'll be different and new, but it will be exciting and one of the best experiences of your life.