You always hear stories about people finding their person in college, and going straight to getting married and having kids directly when they graduate, but that is just something I don't want to do and I feel like is just not realistic in these days. I feel like this time in your life is the time that you need to branch out and focus on yourself and what you want instead of trying to find the person you feel you need to complete yourself. It is important to fully find your own self and be happy with who you are before you try to find someone else.

Another reason I feel like long term relationships should hold off till after college is that when else in your life are you going to be able to go out and be wild with your friends without someone holding you back? College is the time to make memories and be wild and crazy; because after college you have to become a real adult, why waste these few years being tied down to someone when you have your entire life to be with someone and be a real adult.

With all this being said if you find someone in college who fully feels like the right person, you should be with them, but make sure they let you be your own person and branch out too. Don't be with someone who doesn't let you have your own space and your own friends, because, trust me, you will fully regret it when you miss out on the best years of your life. I know it might feel like you will have them forever, but honestly the friends you make and memories you have will be the things you will actually have forever, no matter what happens.