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Being Passionate

The best form of self care!

Being Passionate
Sara Enyeart (2019)

I first wanted to start off by saying that I am, by no means, a self-care expert, nor do I have the be-all, end-all recipe for success in life (I literally turned 18 two weeks ago). I also wanted to say to anyone who comes across this post ( hi mom and dad!) that this is coming from my limited experience, but I really think it could be pretty helpful!

During my four, short years in high school, I spent a majority of my time partaking in activities and clubs that I believed would boost my resume for college; not really activities I found interesting or enjoyable. That being said, I did find a few volunteering opportunities that I found true passion in, especially working with kids with disabilities in my community. This one volunteer position I took on completely opened my eyes to the world of medicine, as well as ways I can give back to society, which is a career path i’m especially interested in.

In high school, I was pretty limited with my time, and I was strained between test prep courses, seven classes, and extra curricular activities. Now that summer has rolled around, I’ve decided to explore my interest in creative writing, which all began with writing for this blog! I never thought that I would enjoy writing as much wan I do, or being this comfortable to share my thoughts on such a public platform. I also believe that as my confidence in my writing abilities grows, my confidence with daily conversations has completely flourished. And that is easily the best part about discovering your passions - you’re able to explore a new side of yourself that may help to improve other portions of your life. So many of our lives are spent trying to find what impresses others, rather than pursuing what brings us genuine joy.

Live your life by your rules.

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