I've been out as bisexual for three years now, and in those three years, I have paid close attention to the way that people like me are treated. I've seen those who support it (or at least just accept it) and some who don't for personal reasons.

First of all, I believe that not everyone has to support the LGBT+ community. People have their beliefs, and no one should try to change that. I grew up in a very religious family, and in result, I am also religious. A person's beliefs are what makes them unique, and without them, we have nothing.

Before coming out, I went through a long period of questioning. Was this the way I wanted to live my life? Did I really want to be something that no one else was? I didn't know anyone else that was LGBT+, so I felt like a huge outcast. I didn't want to be different. I just wanted to stick to my beliefs.

Unfortunately, you can only hide for so long. You can only pretend you're just like everyone else for so long. You have to find people that are similar to you so you don't feel like you have to hide.

Growing up in the church made me feel loved. But if it weren't for those trying to convince us that God hates LGBT+ people, I would have felt okay to come out earlier. Those people are wrong. God doesn't hate anyone. It's unfair to translate God's word to sound like He hates a group of people. If it weren't for that, I would have had nothing holding me back from being proud.

And while there are people that don't like homosexuality for religious reasons, it's unfair for them to use that to tell people in the LGBT+ community that their lifestyle is wrong. Especially people like me, who thought to be LGBT+ meant I couldn't be accepted by the church anymore.

You don't have to support the community, but that doesn't mean you should push your disapproval on anyone. Because God loves everyone regardless.