Being A 'Sig Delt' Has Taught Me More Than College, Or Anything Else

Being A 'Sig Delt' Has Taught Me More Than College, Or Anything Else

It's not just 4 years it's for life


I could go on listing every single aspect in how Sigma Delta Tau has truly made me a better person, but to save time I’m just going to highlight my favorite part.

I came to my school not knowing a single soul, I chose random for roommate options, and my major was undecided… talk about throwing yourself in for a big change.

My roommate had asked me if I was going through the upcoming recruitment process, and I said “yeah of course!” as I quickly searched what a recruitment process is and where it is. I then bought all the necessary outfits and accessories and before I knew it I was lined up in alphabetical order with 30 other girls and smiling with a gigantic breath mint in my mouth, walking into this room that was filled with jumping girls chanting their sorority song that would later be stuck in my head for the next six months.

Sigma Delta Tau.

The room that I saw show both compassion and dedication, love and empowerment, and most importantly, value. From open house, to philanthropy, and finally to preference day, I was able to witness these amazing sisters exhibit all of these characteristics, which led me to make the easiest decision of my life. I chose Sigma Delta Tau.

Throughout this past year of being in this sorority, I achieved so much more than I really expected a sorority could ever give.

I could not be more grateful for everything that it has taught me. My pledge class was provided such an amazing executive board that has helped shape us into amazing women achieving things like Dean’s list, acceptance into competitive programs, leadership positions, and so much more while providing us with amazing experiences with other greek life, fun events, and promoting not one, but THREE philanthropies. Our chair board offers us weekly opportunities that range from athletic events, to new trendy clothes, to chances to meet alumni, and even holiday parties for sistas.

To speak for myself personally, someone who started off so shy and little, this sorority allowed me to meet my very best friends and be given a chance to express myself in every way possible. I have been able to accumulate those characteristics that I saw when I went through recruitment and so much more. I’ve been able to grow, to show passion for something so great and good.

We are currently a sisterhood consisting of 105 amazing girlies and I could not be more excited to see what my next two and a half years left within has in store for this chapter.

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