What it's like to be in love with love

Valentine's Day brings out the strongest of emotions in people. Whether that be an intense hatred for the capitalism-driven day or a deep appreciation for the day meant to cherish love, people definitely have opinions. While I can acknowledge that Valentine's Day is a consumer-driven holiday, I fall into the second category as I happen to be someone who is in love with love.

As someone who has never been in love, I realize that my ideas about love are idealistic at best, however, Valentine's Day still brings me great joy. Seeing stores covered in pink hearts and cases of Valentine's themed candy genuinely makes me happy. It really does feel as if love is in the air.

I believe that love is something that must be cherished. Like a fire, love can start off as a tiny flame and develop into a magnificent being. Valentine's Day allows people to celebrate their love for each other. Whether this is in a romantic or platonic relationship, love is spread everywhere.

Of course, I can see why people may think Valentine's Day is worthless. The made-up holiday is meant to draw in consumers so that they might buy expensive chocolates and flowers. While I could let myself think like this, I would rather focus on the positive aspects of the day. People will love each other throughout the year no matter the day, but Valentine's Day is just a special occasion to truly make your love known.

Love can be portrayed in a million different ways. People don't have to spend a lot on gifts or on an expensive dinner. Celebrating Valentine's Day can be as simple as spending time with your loved ones doing whatever makes you happy. The best part about Valentine's Day, in my opinion, is that it is open to interpretation.

No matter what anyone says, I'll continue to cherish and appreciate love, especially on Valentine's Day. When I'm able to see people who are happy and in love, it brings a smile to my face. Love is a beautiful and powerful force and I will continue to appreciate it for as long as I live.

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