When I started college, I had the intention of eating healthy and working out daily. That quickly changed once the semester started. My senior year of high school, I got on this really big health kick. I ate salads for lunch almost every day, in addition to going to the gym daily. I was in really good shape, and I felt great. I planned on continuing this in college, but that hasn't exactly worked out as well as I had hoped.

The dining hall really gets you. It's not that there aren't healthy options, it's that you eventually won't want them. Salads and spinach wraps get old after a while. I mean, there are only so many things you can eat. And the desserts. No matter how hard you want to avoid them, they just always look so good.

And if it's not the dining hall, then it's Chick-fil-A. (Or Panda Express for some people, but I don't like Chinese) Like come on, you really expect me to order a salad when I smell waffle fries? I mean, it's practically impossible.

Or coffee. Now, I know there's some coffee that's not bad for you, but when you're at Starbucks, you're definitely not going to want to order just a plain coffee when you can get a Caramel Macchiato instead. Um, yes, please. (But on another note, how do some people order a Venti Mocha Frappuccino at 9 A.M.? That's even beyond me.)

Or going out to eat with friends. I mean really, you're not going to want to eat healthy while your friends are all eating chicken fingers and burgers.

Or the fact that there's food everywhere, all the time. And even better: FREE food. This is something I really didn't expect. But without fail, almost every single day, there is some organization handing out donuts or some event being held that has free pizza. Seriously, turning down free food is extremely hard.

And the really hard part: working out. It's not that I don't have time, because I probably do. It's that it's hard to MAKE time to workout. When you're busy with schoolwork and essays, as soon as you finish, all you really feel like doing is going to bed. (I guess maybe if I didn't procrastinate this wouldn't be a problem, but that's a whole other issue) And in the mornings, well let's be real, no one wants to get up early to workout before class.

Basically, it's hard to be healthy in college. A lot harder than I thought it would be.