Being "Cuffed" Shouldn't Define You

Now that we are moving out of, "hot girl summer," and moving into, "cuffing season," I just wanted to take this time to remind you of your value and worth.

Your value and worth is not determined by a partner. I understand that as the cozy seasons are coming forth there are some that may be longing for those late night cuddles, monster movie marathons, and pumpkin carving. The thing is, though, you don't NEED that!

Yes, it would be fun to cuddle up with someone while the weather is cooler, but you can do that yourself. Grab your cozy knit blanket and bundle up on the couch. Yes, it would be fun to have a significant other to have those monster movie marathons with, but you don't need one. Start that Netflix movie on your own. Grab your roommates, your friends, or even yourself and binge watch that murder mystery. Yes, it would be fun to have a boo (pun intended) to go to the pumpkin patch with and carve pumpkins, but you don't need one. Get in the car, go get a pumpkin, and come home. Turn on some Halloween music or even Hocus Pocus and take those guts out yourself.

Sometimes we can't help it. We see all the cute couples doing all these things together that we sometimes long for. The thing I want to drill in your brain is that you don't NEED a partner to enjoy the season. Stop longing for what you don't have and instead appreciate yourself. You are so special, and your self worth is not defined by weather or not you have someone to sip cocoa with or an arm to cling to as you walk through a haunted house. You are a strong, independent person. Don't let cuffing season cuff you with the wrong person just because you think that is what needs to happen or you're jealous of others.

Happiness will find you. Whether you do have a boo, (pun intended again), or don't. Enjoy your time and enjoy your youth. What is meant to be will happen and if it's in your cards it will be. Don't put your happiness on the line because you think you need someone. Don't get caught up in the moment or longing because you think that is what is supposed to happen. Don't think you have to rely on others to make it through the season. Enjoy the laughs, the late nights, the scary movies, and the leaves changing colors all on your own.

If you have a special someone, have fun during the season. Enjoy making memories with your favorite person. If you don't have a special someone, that is okay. Don't go looking for something that isn't right for you. Know your value, your worth, and just how truly special you are, and don't let the whole, "cuffing season," thing define you as a person.

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