She may be a little older, but that doesn't mean sweet Phyllis Vance, married to Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration, doesn't understand the struggles of a modern day college student.

When you're trying to do your homework but have circled back to twitter 36 times in the last minute

When the chapter you're learning ends and your professor opens a new PowerPoint

When you decide to skip class because you know no one wants to be there

When the weather looks beautiful from your bedroom window and as soon as you head to class: Monsoon

When you are so stressed and you know there's only one thing that can fix it

When somebody raises their hand to ask a question when you were just about to leave

When its the first day of winter and somebody walks by without a coat

When you are stressed, gaining weight and need to hear some compliments

When you know it isn't going to get better, so you decide just to live it up and hope for the best