When it is time to make a drastic change in your life, chances are you're experiencing mixed emotions. You may be excited for a new change or you're nervous or both. This week I traded my small-town for a college-town, leaving everything and everyone behind. Although this transition may seem drastic, I have come to find myself content with the change, more so than not.

Thoughts on moving away from home:

While in high school: "I am so ready to get out of here and be on my own, that way I can do whatever I want whenever I want. I can finally get treated like an adult.

I'm so sick of everyone in my school, all the drama and annoying people. I can't wait until I don't have to deal with everyone in my business all the time."

Days before moving: "OK, maybe having to listen to my parents isn't so bad. I mean they do support me. I don't want to have to pay bills and wash my own clothes. Don't make me go!"

After moving into college: "This is actually not too bad. It is the perfect amount of freedom; they make my dinner but they don't make me finish my veggies. I feel like an adult but not like I'm thrown completely out in the world, yet."

Thoughts on leaving my friends:

Days before moving: "I don't want to move away from my friends. We've been together our whole lives and now we're separating for college. I'm not going to find any friends that I get along with like them." *tears*

After moving into college: "Oh hey Spencer, Mackenzie, Amy, Maggie, Kirby, Cierra, Aleaha! Well, that was easier than I thought. I didn't expect to find so many people I got along with so fast. I'm not the easiest person to get along with, I know."

Thoughts on leaving my family:

Days before moving: "I'm going to miss everyone when I leave: my parents, grandparents, siblings, dog. I'm going to be so busy, I won't have time for them to come see me or to go home."

After moving into college: "I'm too busy to miss anyone. But when that day comes, which I'm sure will be fairly soon, I am not too far from home. I can always go home for a weekend."

This college thing isn't so bad after all. I think I'm going to get along just fine. For anyone that is scared about the transition, don't be. Don't get yourself all worked up over nothing. You will be just fine. I promise.

XO and best wishes,

Ashley Rose Corbin