For the most part, I am an easy-going person. I tend to not get too worked up over different situations and try to remain calm. Some people may see this as laid back. However, it is what works best for me. Other times, people may see my personality as weaker than theirs. It is true that I don't tend to have an aggressive personality or like confrontation at all. The combination of these two may give people the impression that they can walk all over me.

Settling is not always an option.

Even though I usually think I'm doing the right thing so that everyone is happy, I shouldn't have to sacrifice my happiness as well. It is true what they say about choosing your battles carefully. Some things are worth fighting over or at least having your opinion heard while other things are not worth it.

There is a balance in knowing the importance of what the fight is about and the other people who are involved in the fight. It's always best to be prepared for any possible outcome, which includes losing those people as friends as well.

I recently decided to stand up for myself in an unfortunate situation. Yes, I admit that there was fault on both sides of the conflict. Regardless, it was a situation that I believed people needed to hear my opinion, no matter how unpopular it was at the time. I felt that people needed to hear how I felt about the situation regardless of if it was going to change anything. I wanted to avoid anyone feeling that I was going to just roll over and play dead.

At the same time, I saw the true colors of the other people involved in the argument. Their reactions were actually more important to me than what the initial fight was about because I learned more about my friends than I ever could.

At the end of the day, the person you have to live with is yourself. Can I honestly say that I enjoyed voicing my opinion? No, I feel like there is a strain in the friendships that I once had. I possibly would have been fine to just let the situation go, but I was not fine with how someone was going to try to take advantage of my easy-going personality when it was an important situation.

I am a little happy, however, that I stood up for myself but sad of the possible, permanent consequences. It isn't always easy, but I can say that sometimes it has to be done. Sticking up for yourself is not always easy, but it's just better than letting people take advantage of you.

Maybe it is a little cliche, but I became my own hero.