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10 Beauty Products That Make My Life Complete

I came, I saw, I contoured.

10 Beauty Products That Make My Life Complete

Calling all lovers of makeup! I've finally compiled a list of my favorite beauty products that help me keep my face looking flawless. I live for the days I am feeling confident and powerful in a new look. You need the best products to do the best makeup, so here you go!

1. Maybelline DreamPure BB Cream

I love this BB cream. Not only is it long-lasting and doesn't oxidize on skin, but it has crazy buildable coverage that ranges from light to medium-heavy. It has beautiful colors and doesn't come off if you put a powder on top! I wear it all day and my face never feels cakey. It also has SPF for those super-sunny days! It's perfect for people like me who want some coverage, but don't want the heavy feel of a full-coverage foundation.

2. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Finding the perfect concealer had always been a problem for me, since my skin is super fair. Many brands are too dark and make me look like I have crazy bags under my eyes, and I've seen other makeup gurus say the same for themselves. NARS took this info and created a creamy, easily-blended concealer formula in so many colors! I easily found a color that matched my skin tone. Long-lasting and truly radiant, what more could you ask for?

3. Milani Rose Powder Blush

First of all, the packaging and detail of this blush is so beautiful. I mean seriously. The product comes in a few different colors that can appeal to people with many different skin tones, which is super helpful with someone with fair skin like me! It is perfectly pigmented to the point where it is easily buildable, but not too pigmented. Milani is also certified by PETA to be cruelty-free and vegan, so that's a huge plus!

4. Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

I love a lot about this brow pencil. Considering my brows are a very light blonde, other brands of brow products are way too dark for me. Benefit, however, gets it right on point! Dark enough that it will show up, but definitely not too dark. Not to mention, the pencil is in a diamond shape, which is perfect for detailed brows that look all-natural. Definitely one of my faves!

5. NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel

On the subject of brows, NYX makes a great gel for getting the perfect eyebrows that last all day. I love sharp, clean brows, and this product is awesome for that! Control Freak is a clear gel that can go right over a brow pencil or powder. As it dries, it locks your brows in and keeps them in place without feeling stiff. It's a perfect balance!

6. Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner

Wow, this liner! I'm a huge fan of winged liner (I basically wear it every day), so it is super important for me to have a liner that has a fine tip and doesn't dry out. Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner checks all the boxes. You would be hard pressed to find one that stays good as long as this one does, especially because the brush is ultra-fine and a brush, rather than felt. Plus, the formula is super long lasting and basically waterproof. It's hard not to fall in love with it!

7. Morphe’s 35O Eyeshadow Palette

Can we chat for a second about Morphe? Not only is it cheaper than most high-end cosmetics, but it is just as good of quality! All of their eyeshadow palettes are highly pigmented and easily blended, which is perfect if you're layering colors to create depth in an eyeshadow look. The 35O palette is one of their more natural and earthy sets of colors, so I am able to use them every day! Also, this palette screams aesthetically pleasing. (Side note: if you're looking for more intense fall colors, the 35O2 palette is the second version of this one. It's just as pigmented for those who want more vibrant looks!)

8. L’ORÉAL Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

If you're looking for volume, search no further! The long bristles on the wand have made it so easy for me to find both length and volume in basically one swipe. As someone who loves black mascara, this formula is perfect because it darkens lashes without making them clumpy or too thick. It doesn't dry out easily or flake off after you put it on!

9. Clinique Chubby Sticks

I love Clinique's Chubby Sticks because they are super light and natural. On a day-to-day basis, I don't always want to wear a thick lipstick with intense color. These are super light and feel like a lip balm, but are tinted enough to add a great color to my makeup look. They never feel sticky or heavy and the color lasts for quite a while – I only have to reapply once or twice in a day! They are easily my go-to lipstick for a natural look.

10. ULTA Makeup-Removing Microfiber Towels

There's been quite a bit of skepticism about these towels, as they only require water to take all of your makeup off. I was skeptical myself for a while before I actually got to trying these. After trying them, however, I can honestly say that these towels are magic. With just a little bit of water, they take off all of my makeup easily and without my mascara running down my face. All I have to do afterwards is use a quick moisturizer! It really is one of the most magical products I've used.

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