Passion. It's everywhere.

Every corner you turn, there lies a person with a uniquely beautiful, or maybe not-so-beautiful story. This person also has a passion. Something that defines them. Something that sets their soul on fire and motivates them to get up in the morning.

Maybe it is the old homeless man that travels near and far with his best friend — his dog. His passion might be taking care of his dog and showing him all the love he deserves. What is most important to this man is scavenging for food for himself and his companion.

To you and I, his passion may seem silly, but it is all he has and he makes the most of the circumstances at hand.

Maybe it is the young boy who loves music.

Ever since he was little, his eyes lit up when he watched his father play the drums. He would sit in the basement and eagerly watch his father pursue his passion and eventually this passion became his own.

He loves playing the drums, guitar, and even the accordion. He loves what he does and music is what sets his soul on fire and inspires him to go outside and play for passer-byers on the street.

Though he does not get paid, he still pursues what he loves in hopes of one day becoming a successful musician.

Or maybe it is a photographer who quit his 9-to-5 to finally pursue his one true passion.

He was miserable and felt stuck in a company he did not enjoy working for. The work he spent hours upon hours each day to complete was unfulfilling, even with a nice paycheck.

Something was missing, and that was his camera. The old dusty piece of equipment lying on the shelf just begging to be picked up. Well, one day he picked it up and never turned back since.

He now works for a nature magazine and travels near and far taking pictures of the beautiful world around him.

Passion is incredibly important to me and defines who I am. My passion is encouraging others to find a passion of their own and pursue it full-force without turning back and having regrets.

My philosophy is that life is too short to be doing the ordinary. Doing things we do not enjoy. Doing things that do not inspire us or excite us to wake up every day and live our best lives. Even if that means pushing aside the things society tells us to be of greatest importance, do it.

It is not a bad thing to prioritize and decide what exactly you want to put on your plate. Even if others do not agree with your selection, all that matters at the end of the day is that you are creating the life you want to live and are happy doing so!

Do not allow others to dictate your decisions and tell you what you can and cannot focus on. You are your own person who is strong and capable of making your own decisions and finding your own passions.

You do not have to adopt the same things that your family or friends are passionate about. If you are one of those people pursuing the same things your family and closest friends are pursuing, try taking a step back and think about what makes YOU happy. Truly, genuinely, deeply happy.

Explore some. Play around. Dabble in something completely new! You never know, a little hobby may transform into a whole new lifestyle and you may find yourself happier than ever before.

Get inspired! Try something new and find what you are most passionate about. Life is too short for the mundane. Be daring and make your dreams reality!