10 Beauty Hacks For Getting That Summer Glow
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It's time to get that summer glow!

1. Wash ya face!

Washing your face is a must! Find a gentle cleanser and wash it at least twice a day - optimal times are after waking up and before going to sleep.

2. Use baby oil or coconut oil as makeup remover.

Chances are, you're using waterproof makeup so it doesn't all melt off in the sun. If you don't wanna invest in a ton of makeup remover, a teensy bit of baby oil or coconut oil will do the trick.

3. Hydrate with infused water.

Yeah, yeah, you've heard of drinking water to keep your skin healthy and you're probably tired of this being on every list. But...it's on every list because it's important! Keep your skin hydrated if you want to look your best. Water will keep you refreshed and flush out toxins.

If you wanna jazz it up a bit, you can drink infused water. Just get filled water bottle and stick a few cucumbers, lemon slices, or other antioxidant-rich fruits/veggies in there.

4. Sunscreen.

If you're gonna be out and about, make sure to put on sunscreen. Exposure to UV can badly damage your skin. Put it on every exposed bit of skin and make sure it has a broad spectrum (SPF 30). There is a myth that those with darker skin tones don't need SPF but that is false!

5. Exfoliate.

Get rid of that dead skin! Don't do it too often, you don't wanna damage your face. But exfoliate once every week or two.

6. Body highlight.

It is a thing and it's awesome. You can buy them for cheap at drugstores or even find them at places like Sephora. And if you don't wanna invest in that, a lot of liquid highlights meant for your face can go on your body too!

7. Shave less with this recipe.

Summer sun means more skin exposure which means more shaving for those of you who shave. If you wanna cut down on that a bit, mix sugar, lemon, and water and spray it on your body. It'll slow down hair growth.

8. Removing sweat stains.

Squeeze some lemon juice on the stains before putting them in the laundry and the stain will disappear.

9. Deodorant on your face.

It sounds ridiculous, but it's truly a hack! Keep a separate deodorant for your face and it'll help your makeup stay on longer and prevent your face from sweating or getting oily.

10. Nail polish in the fridge.

Leaving out nail polish in the heat can cause bubbles to form. Putting it in the fridge will ensure that the formula stays nice and smooth.

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