One crisp fall evening, when I was a pre-school teacher, I was swinging outside with one of my three-year-old students. I was particularly captivated with the sunset scenery and freshness that was awakening my senses. For a second, I got lost in the beauty surrounding me. The beauty of the evening was so evident to where I could feel its charm. This sweet little girls complexion was as sweet as a praline, the full autumn clouds were rolling in with the promise of cooler days, and the wind was whispering comfort. All of a sudden, my student said, "Miss Savanna lets talk about beautiful things." My heart melted because she felt the beauty of the evening just as I did.

She felt captivated by my beauty as a woman, just as I felt captivated by her beauty of being this delicate little girl. We marveled the scenery of the evening, and our hearts were warmed by the comfort of each others company. I will never forget this image I have locked in my memory. How intensely I was invited to actually feel the beauty and feel being beautiful.

I often consider why this little girl asked to consider beautiful things with me? I wanted to get to the root of her desire and listen to her heart. As I reflect on that moment, I remember the message my sweet student spoke. She spoke up and said I feel comfort, hopeful, enjoyed, and at peace over beauty. She desired to ponder on the gift of beauty so her heart can be at peace.

Beauty invites us to relax, take a deep breath, and awakens our wonder. Beauty is powerful as it invites us to enjoy adventures and feel delighted. Beauty is a gift and should be treated as such. Beauty is to be enjoyed, adored and admired. We do not need to feel as if we are wasting time when we slow down to take a moments to relish in sunset views, snowy scenes or crisp fall evenings. Take a moment to stop and smell the beautiful roses. Listen to your heart as it longs to feel what beauty has to offer.