We all have been in situations where we feel as though we are less than our actual value. I personally have been in countless situations where I have felt this way. Regardless of if it was the person or the situations intent to make me feel this way it still happened. We all can relate to at least one time or one individual has made us feel this way.

Regardless of if the person is your in-law-to-be, your son's girlfriend, your best friends friend, be more accepting. Treat that person the way they want to be treated. Regardless of if they are apart of your family, almost apart of your family, or even a mere acquaintance. This is so important to do.

You don't have to treat them like a goddess, just treat them like a human being that is putting their pants on the same way that you do. There are so many more emotions that you can show someone. So many emotions that are more caring and loving. Stop with cold shoulders, snide comments, and unacceptable behaviors. We are all just trying to live on this earth and have the best possible life.

If we take a step back and think about how we are approaching the situations that we are, we can spare someone some pain and so much time that is taken recovering from our careless actions. Regardless of how your words may not affect you, they are affecting someone else. Make sure the words that you are choosing gives that individual more positive repercussions than anything else.

We all have baggage that we are going through and situations that are hard, so take the extra time to treat someone more courteous instead of being careless and not giving them the kindness that we all deserve.