Bayshore Boulevard: Tampa's Special Spot
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Bayshore Boulevard: Tampa's Special Spot

This street is what Tampa is all about

Bayshore Boulevard: Tampa's Special Spot
Ashley Martin

I know I talk about Tampa, my hometown, a lot. But there are not enough words to describe why Tampa is so special. Tampa is fun, exciting, traditional, modern, ever changing, ever preserving, full of life, full of characters, and full of beautiful sights.

There is so much to experience in this city, but whenever I get the chance to get back to my hometown Tampa, I make an effort to visit my favorite spot, Bayshore Boulevard in South Tampa.

I either go for a run, walk with some friends, take my dog for a walk, visit the old stomping grounds or even stop for a bite to eat on Howard. Any excuse I can use to make the drive to the bay, I use, because to me, and any other Tampa native, it is more than just a road.

What is Bayshore Boulevard?

There's a hidden gem along the Tampa Bay.

It's not so hidden from the Gaspar pirates of the sea.

Magical at night, and illuminating during the day.

It is a beautiful sight to experience and see.

Bayshore Boulevard is a 4.5-mile gateway.

Open to joggers, dog walkers, pretty houses and palm trees.

Just a street, but it means more to me in many special ways.

Any girl from Academy of the Holy Names could agree.

Looking out the class windows we were greeted by its morning rays.

No matter what was going on we had the opportunity to stare and daydream.

"Pay attention to class" our teachers would say.

Along the shore, we made too many memories I guarantee.

With the end of high school in 2015, I sadly said bye in May.

My friends and I drove singing with our windows down, so carefree.

During the hot summers, I walked in the sun with my dog Jay.

He got excited with all the dolphins, fish, birds and bees.

My mom and I exercised along, letting the water give us a spray.

We talked about her past and my new memories made in our city.

Those houses, I could have if I dream and pray.

For that reality, my dad said: "Hard work is key."

I know it all sounds pretty cliche.

It's so special in many aspects, and according to me,

there is nothing like the beautiful Bayshore Boulevard of Tampa Bay.

You see, this is my favorite spot in Tampa because it brightened up every one of my mornings as I drove to my high school. It is my favorite spot because along its shore I met some of my forever friends. It is my favorite spot because it never disappointed in scenic views. It is my favorite spot because it hosts Tampa's #1 holiday. It is my favorite spot because it was where I went to relax, clear my mind, fill my lungs with some fresh air and fill my heart with gratitude for my hometown.

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