To Everyone Blaming Baylor For Jacob Anderson, It Happens At Your School, Too

Listen, guys, I get it. I am just as frustrated as you about the Jacob Walter Anderson case. Probably even more so, honestly, because I go to Baylor.

You are so quick to assume that because Baylor has had a history of rape cases, that everyone on campus is an enabler somehow. Yeah. All 15,000 students at Baylor turn a blind eye to rape. It's asked on the application: "How do you feel about rape? If you don't at least let it slide, you probably shouldn't come here." It's definitely on everyone's minds 24/7, but OF COURSE not in that way.

Baylor is not the only school to have a rape issue.

It is an issue on almost every single college campus, including colleges like Yale University, Harvard University, Michigan State, and of course, the infamous Stanford swimmer case. In fact, you can Google basically any college followed by "rape" and a news article or some statistics are sure to come up!

University of Texas.

Rice University (which, apparently, doesn't take sexual assault very seriously).

Ohio State.

Are you starting to get my point? It's not just Baylor.

Of course, since Baylor had a huge scandal, they should look to the future as a means of setting the example of how to handle rape cases in the future. However, the outcome of Anderson's case was not decided by the school. It was Judge Ralph Strother that decided to be influenced by the collegiate connections, and now the rest of the school is suffering the consequences by having this horrible reputation.

However, we've seen this before. Brock Turner is still walking free. It's not about the college, or the religious affiliations, or any of that. When it comes down to it, credibly accused rapists are getting off because they are white men being judged by other white men, and that needs to change.

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One last thing: here's a list of all the reported rape cases in 2014. It's a lot, isn't it? While the text at the top says it's a good thing, which I can understand, you may want to try to find your school on this list and wonder how many cases they're covering up themselves.

It's not just Baylor, people. Your school is guilty, too.

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