5 Things To Do In The Bay Area
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5 Things To Do In The Bay Area

There are countless outdoorsy activities to do in the San Francisco Bay Area, but here are some of my favorites to do when I'm there.

5 Things To Do In The Bay Area
Lara Turner

  1. Grizzly Peak

This Berkley overlook is one of the best places to catch the sunset. At the top of the mountain there is a few of San Francisco and the bay. Any time of here I always can find people up here enjoying the view and hanging out. Between people from the Bay Area, it is always a debate of whether it's called Grizzly Peak or Fish Ranch. I say Fish Ranch, but it's all the same.

2. Mount Diablo

Whether you're into day hiking, backpacking, camping, or just want to get out into nature, Mount Diablo is the perfect place. It's essentially our Mount Lemmon. I have gone up there many times with my mom to hike and it's always so beautiful. I think it is nice to have a nearby nature escape from day to day life in a city.

3. Baker Beach

One of the most iconic beaches in San Francisco, I love coming here every summer when I visit. It's located in the Seacliff neighborhood, which is amazing just to drive through let alone to actually live there. On the beach there is an incredible view of the Golden Gate Bridge, perfect for photo opportunities. Every time I go to the beach I always remember why I love San Francisco so much.

4. Berkely

This is one of my favorite cities to visit when I go back to the Bay. There is so much to do here from cool coffee shops, local art, eateries, and especially the music. Every time I'm there I always go to Little Gem's, a waffle cafe that is just so cute.

5. San Francisco Golden Gate Park

On a sunny afternoon, sometimes there is nothing relaxing to do than lounge on a picnic blanket with some good food and company in one of San Francisco's most treasured spots. With so many museums surrounding the park, restaurants, and other activities it makes for the perfect spot to spend a summer day. There is also a music festival here every August, Outside Lands, that is such a fun way to experience the city.

6. Marin County

Just across the Golden Gate Bridge, this area is filled with fantastic forests and views. There is Sausalito, which is a costal town just across from the Golden Gate. I love going there to check out the restaurants. There are also many places to hike in Marin County, like Mount Tamalpais. And if light houses are your thing, there is an incredible view at Point Reyes that overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge and all of San Francisco. Exploring this area is always a fun adventure no matter what time of year.

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