7 Reasons Working At A Baseball Stadium Should Be Your Dream Job
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7 Reasons Working At A Baseball Stadium Should Be Your Dream Job

The endless joys of baseball make working a job in this environment worth everything.

7 Reasons Working At A Baseball Stadium Should Be Your Dream Job

Fifteen years ago, I was a little girl in the stands, peering out from under an oversized pink Mets cap. I was too young to understand the details of the game but conditioned enough by my family to love the aura of the stadium. The fresh cut grass, the crisp white foul lines, and the smell of hot dogs created an atmosphere of perfect contentment for me. Looking to my left, I saw a young family, new to the game, with their eyes glued to the program. To my right, I saw an old man, initially quiet, but after three innings jumping out of his seat with excitement.

After watching countless baseball games on my dad's shoulders, years later I have found myself with a summer job in the same place I have always loved most: the baseball stadium. The ballpark offers the joy of sport and competition but, more importantly, it provides life lessons and a welcoming community to all who enter.

Working with a major league baseball team and in a professional baseball stadium has shown me how truly memorable this environment is, and I am now completely affirmed in my belief that everyone's dream job should be to work at a baseball stadium. This is a bold claim, I know, but don't worry, I will share my top seven reasons why I'm a wholehearted believer and hopefully convince you to be the same!

1. Hotdogs, hotdogs & more hotdogs!

I don't know about you, but hotdogs make me happy. Working at a baseball stadium, you are bound to see countless smiling faces with hotdogs in hand, which has the power to immediately bring joy to anyone's heart...it's factual, I promise!

2. Interacting with every single generation

Baseball is timeless. This sport attracts people from all generations; from infants to grandparents, anyone and everybody feels welcome at the ballpark, but the best part of working at a baseball stadium is that you have the chance to see all these generations in harmony with one another, all in the shared enjoyment of the most classic American sport there is.

3. When your team wins, the whole stadium turns into a big, happy family.

Have you ever dreamed of feeling connected to thousands of people? Well, all you have to do is buy a ticket to a baseball game, my friend! There is no place where you will feel more included or welcome than sitting in the stands of a baseball stadium surrounded by vibrant fans. Endless high-five exchanges, chanting, and hugging will transform baseball fans from just people to an extension of your family.

4. Baseball sunsets are the most beautiful sight you'll ever see.

I mean, come on. Have you ever seen something so beautiful? I haven't! Getting to work in a place like this is nothing short of a pleasure. The impeccably groomed grass, the finely raked dirt, and the fire-lit sky make this setting one that you will remember...FOREVER.

5. When "taking a break" just means watching the game...

Forget about being bored at work. There is nothing boring about this job. It doesn't matter what you're doing, just getting a couple minutes every once in a while to take in the magic of a baseball game is a perk, to say the least.

6. Feeling like you're just as important as the players... even if you're not

There's something about wearing a uniform with a major league logo on it that makes you feel like you're a superstar. I don't know if it's being able to walk into the stadium before everyone else, or passing by players as they enter the field, but working at a baseball stadium is a confidence booster for sure.

7. There is no better place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Working on a Sunday may not sound appealing, but when you work at a baseball stadium, it definitely is. In fact, you probably couldn't find a better place to be on a Sunday (after going to church, of course).

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