Barbie's newest line of dolls is set to be their most inclusive line yet. While in the past Barbie has been a mother, doctor, businesswoman, artist, astronaut, athlete etc. she has always relatively looked the same. With the Mattel company making strides in previous releases for the toy to be more inclusive. Their newest line set to be released this fall will include dolls in wheelchairs as well as dolls with prosthetic limbs. This line continues the companies aims to show kids various representations of beauty.

In order to create the line, Mattel worked with Jordan Reeves, a 13-year-old girl and disability activist who was born without a left arm. She was instrumental in helping with the creation of a doll with a prosthetic limb that can be removed. The company also worked with the children's hospital to create a doll that comes with a wheelchair. The company has even designed an add on wheelchair ramp accessory to be added to Barbie Dream Houses

This new line of Barbie's can be instrumental in the removal of the stigma surrounding physical disabilities. By normalizing both disabilities and the people that have them it can show kids that there's nothing wrong or unusual about having one.

By diversifying the toys that children are exposed to and play with at a young age we can become more inclusive and accepting as a society. Barbie has been a staple in the toy company for years and also been one of the toys that are making huge strides in their pursuit of diversification. In past years they have released doll lines including dolls of varying skin tone, hair color, body type, and even have released several barbies in line with various cultures. Barbie has always been referred to as a standard of beauty and by diversifying their brand, Mattel is, in turn, diversifying the idea of beauty in the sense that they are showing the many different faces or aspects of beauty.