12 Christmas Songs That Should Be Banned From The Radio

12 Christmas Songs That Should Be Banned From The Radio

Just go listen to Wrapped In Red.


Ah, Christmas, the happiest time of year! Gifts, light shows, holiday cheer--the only thing that can spoil it is hearing one of these twelve songs, twelve of the most annoying pieces of music to ever infect the holiday season.

1. "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," by Pentatonix, The Vamps, and all your next door neighbors

"We Wish You a Merry Christmas" is inescapable. It's every caroler's go-to. Sorry, guys, but if you want to get me in the Christmas spirit, you'll have to try harder than the most basic Christmas song out there.

2. "Santa Baby," by Gwen Stefani, Madonna, and every other plucky female pop star

Is the singer of this song...trying to hit on Santa? Look, I like a unique take, but this ain't it.

3. "Santa Baby," but specifically Michael's version

I recognize Michael Bublé's kingship over Christmas just as much as anyone else, but you know what's even weirder than flirting with Santa? Saying basically all the same things, but trying to pull a "no homo" on him.

4. "Jingle Bells," by everyone from Mickey Mouse to Frank Sinatra

This is a contender for the most earworm-y Christmas tune out there, and I don't like that fact one bit.

5. "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas," by Johnny Mathis

This song wouldn't be on the list if not for that fact that it's responsible for the most basic Instagram caption from November 1st-December 24th. Oh, is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas? I never would have noticed without your obligatory post about the first snow!

6. "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," by Justin Bieber, especially

This is one of the creepiest possible songs we could be promoting to children every year. Seriously, we're telling children not to cry or they won't get gifts, because, hey, they're being watched 24/7 by an immortal old man?

7. "Baby, It's Cold Outside," by Bing Crosby & Doris Day

This song is basically the only male-female Christmas duet out there, so, ironically, it gets overplayed for the sake of variety. But...the...lyrics. It's a bit dated, to say the least.

8. "Wonderful Christmastime," by Paul McCartney

Yet another Christmas song about the concept of good feelings and not much else.

9. "The Christmas Shoes," by NewSong

In this Oliver Twist for the modern era, a young boy has to buy his mother shoes because she's dying, and she should look fancy when she meets Jesus. It's a Hallmark movie in four minutes, and nobody should be forced to listen more than once.

10. "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," by the Jackson 5

Having a kid sing your song does not automatically make it endearing and cute. I'm sure this song was funny the first couple times around, but must we constantly be reminded of this child's mother having a thing for Santa? This theme should not be as common as it is.

11. "Jingle Bell Rock," by Bobby Helms

Is this song stuck in your head now? Are you happy about it? Didn't think so.

12. "Last Christmas," by Wham!

Ah, the holy grail of annoying, uninspired, and overplayed Christmas songs. Even George Michael's voice can't make me sympathetic to the poor choices the person in this song makes. We get it, you don't know how to move on. Leave our radio airwaves in peace.

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Having A Unique Relationship With Your Roommate Isn't Bad, It Can Actually Be Quite Great

Some people are always talking to their roommate hanging out all the time, but mine might be different.


College is the land of the jungle and one of the best ways to get through is to have some friends. Usually, your first friend is probably your roommate and that is totally understandable but my first friend wasn't my roommate and honestly had a different way of getting to know him.

When I was going through out housing portal to find a roommate I really didn't know what i was doing. Should I message him? Should I try to meet him beforehand? I didn't do either. I saw the first name and went from there, for all i knew he could've been completely insane but, he wasn't thankfully.

Moved in and it was all good and we still didn't talk to each other on move in day, I know that sounds crazy but we didn't say a word to each other. It was weird that I would have to share this tiny cramped space with someone that I haven't even talked to yet. But, hey at some point i knew we would. to be honest, my mom was the first one to talk to him and they actually had a lot on common. they both grew up in the same neighborhood, crazy.

We finally talked to each other after about three weeks of going here and living with each other. We got to know each other a lot and we actually had a lot in common, we must've talked for 2 to 3 hours about random stuff, but it was so much fun. Then after that we didn't talk again for like another 3 or 4 days. Honestly, that is completely fine with me. We both understood how busy our lives would be since we are taking so many classes, studying, being with friends, and working.

I'm going to be honest, we don't talk to each other everyday, hang out and go to eat together, go to parties, or hell even play video games together. We share the space and we stay cool with each other. We make sure everything works in the room and we maintain the relationship of that we make it through the year without problems. I think both us don't expect much since we are guys and that can be an easy thing to handle.

But, through all of that I gladly call my roommate my friend. He's a guy that I can go to for advice on relationships, talk to about nerdy stuff that I know others couldn't relate to, and also be cool with that we won't talk every single day or hang out a bunch. It is different, but it's that good different that makes you step out of the comfort zone a bit. Someday he will read this and I hope he has embraced our time and sees me as a friend as well. Because I know he's a great guy and a great friend, maybe he doesn't right now but maybe over time we will be great friends.

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