It's Not Easy Balancing Two Jobs While Being A Full-Time College Student
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It's Not Easy Balancing Two Jobs While Being A Full-Time College Student

Believe it or not, this is my reality and I'd say that I'm doing a decent job at managing all three.

It's Not Easy Balancing Two Jobs While Being A Full-Time College Student

College is tough. And, it’s even tougher when you’re working—but not just one job, try balancing two amidst your crazy workload from classes. Sounds nearly impossible right?

How does one manage to find the time and energy to balance homework, essays, presentations/projects all the while being always being present, punctual, and providing the best customer-service necessary while executing my jobs’ duties? Let me tell ya, it’s not easy and I say that considering this has been my situation this past Fall semester.

Although it’s been challenging, there have been some prominent attributes I’ve been able to obtain as well as necessary skills I feel like can only help me as I go on through life and my futures career(s). For instance, I’ve learned better time management, strict self-discipline, prioritizing tasks/goals, and most importantly in my book responsibility. Follow along below as I explain just how these have been an asset to me this semester.

I definitely have one of those “go-getter” mentalities. I’m all about my hustle and my grind; don’t get me wrong—if I really need help I know when to ask and know that I have family that will be more than willing to do so if they’re able. But for the most part, I try to accomplish most things myself especially if it’s in regards to any financial aspects.

This semester I decided to stay off campus and get myself an apartment and the financial responsibility of it falls solely on me. Upon considering to stay off campus I weighed my options as this past Spring semester came to a close; I was already working somewhere but wanted to find work elsewhere and so the search began. Luckily, I found success in doing so as I am now an employee at Ulta Beauty and Romano’s Macaroni Grill.

Note, when I first got hired this was back in the summer so I didn’t have any major obligations outside of working. However the second August rolled around, classes began, and the work started piling in, I definitely wasn’t prepared for what I had gotten myself into. Granted I registered for only 12 credit hours (I did the same for this upcoming Spring), it’s still considered full-time and my workload from each class has only gotten more extensive as the semester has gone on. I didn’t really have a choice but to buckle down, but like I said I have learned and obtained some important attributes along the way.

For starters, my time management skills have become pretty sharp this semester. Working at least 40 hours a week (maybe even more) and staying on top of all of my schoolwork has been far from easy, but thankfully for my time management sheets I’ve been able to map out my days and structure what needs to get done. The time management sheets are probably my favorite all in all, simply because it has slots for each hour throughout the day and all I’ve had to do is fill them in accordingly. It allows you to see how much you spend doing what and also any free-time you have leftover, which I find to be the most helpful.

Secondly, I now have a strong sense of self-discipline. Sometimes my job at Ulta requires me to work overnight shifts or even shifts as early as 6 am; some days I’m working 12 hours combined from both jobs. I have to mentally and physically prepare myself for days/nights like that. I’m not always able to stay out super late if I’m with friends knowing I have an early morning shift to prepare for or even working those 12 hour days—the ideal thing to do might be to sleep the second I come home after a long day, but most days I’ve had homework that I have to motivate myself to do because no one else is going to do it and it’s not going to do itself.

Keeping my priorities in tact is also a very important aspect I’ve obtained over these three months of school; in a way this kind of goes hand in hand with my time-management skills. Of course on my days off, I want to ignore the work staring me in the face, chill and binge watch hours of Netflix or Hulu (some days my willpower hasn’t been so strong and I caved into this) but I always have to be aware of my most important tasks/ goals. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about college, there IS always something you can be doing in regards to your outside class assignments, literally always something.

Finally, through the craziness this semester has brought I now look at myself as being a strong, independent, and responsible being. Not many people can handle the pressure I face on an everyday basis, and sometimes I fail to give myself credit for being able to do just what I do. I stay pretty busy among all three but I wouldn’t trade it for anything; there’s almost this rush I get from being able to execute all three as well as I do.

As you can see, working two jobs and being in school full-time is no joke. And don't ever think for a second that it gets any easier because it doesn't. I'm immune to the craziness from my busy schedule but that's only because I've adapted to it and can work well under the pressure. And considering next week is finals week I'm ready to knock out this semester and give myself the biggest round of applause and pat on the back for not cracking or giving up.

I know that if I can handle this, then I can handle anything.

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