*not in any particular order

1. Gina Linetti

Brooklyn Nine-Nine media2.giphy.com

The dancing queen, the human form of the 100 emoji, and the woman whose mother cried the day she was born, Gina Linetti is the person we all want to be but cannot. And she knows it.

2. Cristina Yang

Grey's Anatomy media3.giphy.com

Ambitious, confident, and bullheaded, Cristina Yang is the cheerleader in our minds, and thank goodness for that as we eat our fourth slice of pizza.

3. Rosa Diaz

Brooklyn Nine-Nine media1.giphy.com

Scary but sweet, Rosa Diaz is intense. Not all of us can channel our own Rosa's but when we do, people shut up and listen.

4. Leslie Knope

Parks and Recreation media2.giphy.com

Leslie is when we pretend that everything is fine when everything is not fine.

5. Mindy Lahiri

The Mindy Project media1.giphy.com

Mindy is the part of us that loves gossip, eating McDonald's (don't deny it), and acting as a role model to young women...when all goes well.

6. Gloria Pritchett

Modern Family media1.giphy.com

Gloria is outgoing, fun, and blunt. Basically, she is us when we are try to be candid while not giving a shit.

7. Villanelle

Killing Eve media2.giphy.com

An assassin at one moment and the teddy bear in the next, Villanelle is when we are on our periods. Except for the assassin part.

8. Rachel Bloom

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend media0.giphy.com

Rachel is the well-meaning but obsessive part of us that tries to fix/run away from everything. And then we realize that we dug ourselves deeper by doing just that.