Tattoos can be an amazing form of expression and artwork. But sometimes, permanence is underestimated, and a tattoo can turn into a decision you really regret.

1. The name of an (ex) girlfriend or boyfriend

They are the love of your life...until they aren't in your life anymore. Your love wasn't forever, but now your permanent tattoo is.

2. The spontaneous tattoo

Generally, it's a good idea not to make spur of the moment decisions that have permanent consequences.

3. The current trend

Remember when everyone was dancing like that? Or singing that song? You'll have to remember it when it's tattooed on you.

4. The sexual joke

What would your mom say?

5. Offensive cultural tattoos

Don't degrade another culture by slapping a tribal tattoo on your body.

6. The matching tattoo with someone you barely know

You've been dating this guy for a week and you're getting matching tattoos, which will, in most cases, serve as a constant reminder of someone you don't speak to anymore.

7. A celebrity

It's kind of creepy in the first place, because you don't know them. But also, do you really want to plaster the face or name of some celebrity on your body that may or may not be your favorite celebrity in a couple of years or months?

8. Words you haven't spellchecked

Always. Spellcheck. And, if you don't know what it's probably best not to get it inked.

9. The tramp stamp

Rarely has there been a tasteful tramp stamp. Just generally something to steer clear of.

10. The unprofessional tattoo

Your friend wants to be a tattoo artist. That's great, but might not be the best idea for you to be her first canvas.