Summer's is here. As school is getting into full motion, my schedule is coming to a true reality. I spent the whole summer thinking about everything but school. As many of us do, summer makes us want to subtract our responsibilities from our minds. Many of us work, travel when we can, spend time with friends and when August rolls around, we start seeing the 'back to school commercials' and get ready to get back to campus as we miss our friends and, like me, want to get into a set schedule again.

After getting all of my dorm materials, going back to school shopping, attending my first week of classes and marking down my assignments and even changing around some classes… I can officially say that I definitely feel settled in at school.

I had my best summer this year… full of traveling, working, soaking up the sun, and truly enjoying my time away from the books, tests, and homework. Yet it almost feels as though summer never existed and I have remained at school since May. Maybe this is due to the fact that my professors jumped right into assigning work, or perhaps because of the great things about campus… like the big Stag statue in the center of main campus. The great things about campus seemed to have paused and picked right up where they left off when I got back to campus.

So—though summer is over and school is here— the fun is not ending, perhaps it is just beginning, but in a different way. School is a time for inspiration and summer time calls for months of taking a break to re-energize our minds and bodies. So, if you're missing summer right about now… think of all the fun on campus and, as cliché as it sounds… the fun that classes and learning can bring to our lives.

I always set a personal goal of meeting more friends, getting more involved on campus and finding my passion through my classes for the year. As a transfer student and finally feeling at home at my some-what new school, I have a great feeling about this semester and reminding myself that all the hard work will pay off.

Here is to a great year and all the fun that we can have while we're in college.