'Listen To Your Heart' Bachelor Breakdown: End Of The Road
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'Listen To Your Heart' Bachelor Breakdown: End Of The Road

An Odyssey panel discussion of "The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart" season 1, episode 6.

'Listen To Your Heart' Bachelor Breakdown: End Of The Road

"The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart" has officially come to an end, and if you watched the final episode you likely have A LOT of thoughts. And you're not alone. We put together a panel of viewers to recap and react to this Monday's finale and let's just say their opinions are as entertaining as the show itself.

Won't Say I'm In Love

Do you think Matt was right to compare his and Rudi's relationship to the others when deciding whether to stay?

Lily – I think Matt's intentions were good — both he and Rudi understood that they weren't on the same level as the other couples. But just because they weren't on the same level doesn't mean they weren't heading in the right direction. He could have very easily continued with their relationship at their own pace.

Marisa – I definitely don't. Matt clearly let the pressure of the show get to him and it led to a horrible decision. Just like Rudi said, they didn't need to be madly in love to be there. They both had feelings for each other, loved performing together, and sounded AMAZING. If he'd have stayed, I'm sure they would have won. Plus, just because a couple claims to be "falling in love" doesn't mean they are (I'm looking at you, Trevor and Jamie).

Liv – No. He definitely should not have blatantly compared relationships, but I feel like that was almost his scapegoat in trying to not say "hey I am just not totally in love with you yet and I'm overwhelmed because this is the last performance and I don't know how I'm going to feel after and don't want to disappoint everyone." He made a few valid points when ending it and I think it was right for him to do that instead of doing the final performance because he KNEW they were going to win.

Michael – Yes and no. It's probably not the best way to figure out how you feel about someone, but in this context, it's easy to see why looking at the other two couples they're competing against was a wakeup call for him. He listened to his heart!

What's Your Fantasy

Do you think Bri and Chris made the right decision to skip the fantasy suite?

Lily – I think Bri was assuming that fantasy suites required physical intimacy — they very easily could have used the evening for private conversations. We've seen other bachelor couples do that before and they've come back stronger and more connected the next morning without pushing their physical boundaries too fast.

Marisa – No way. I'm not sure where they got the idea that the fantasy suite is only for sex, but Chris and Bri missed out on their only opportunity to spend time together without cameras. I totally support their decision to focus on their emotional connection before jumping into anything physical, but that private time is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Liv – I think it's whatever they wanted to do. While I'm not sure why Bri made it seem like "fantasy suite equals sex," because there have been plenty of fantasy suites that are just talking and hanging out, but I mean overall it was their choice and that's fine. I think Bri was a little dramatic the day of the performance acting like there was a lot wrong and things felt weird because Chris seemed the exact way he always was, I think she was just really nervous and knew a lot was on the line so she started projecting.

Michael – No. Only because their argument was they wanted to focus on the emotional connection they had first, but they have already spent the whole season talking about how special their emotional connection was from day one, so WTF?


On a scale from 1-10, rate Jamie and Trevor's performance.

Lily – OK. As an avid "Jamie is a train wreck and Trevor is boring" believer, I was surprised to really enjoy their performance. They have come a long way in their on-stage (and off-stage) chemistry. I give them a solid nine.

Marisa – I would give them a four, and that's generous. Their performance was super pitchy and did not belong in the finale of a singing show.

Liv – One. I am not a fan of them. She touches his face way too much. I don't like her voice. I don't like their voices together. Trevor looks like he's wearing a happy mask and it's not actually his face. No. I'm so happy they did not win. Jamie acts like a child especially when she talks to the judges and tries to play on this "I'm so cute, love me, think I'm adorable for being strong and doing this," like, no.

Michael – I thought it was a solid nine. I thought they both did what they had to, and there wasn't much else they could have done to give themselves a chance to win.

Give Me Love

On a scale from 1-10, rate Bri and Chris' performance.

Lily – I think Bri let her decision from the night before impact her confidence in her relationship with Chris. That being said, they bounced back and sounded dynamite. I give them a eight.

Marisa – I think their performance was a solid seven. Chris and Bri both sound very nice while performing, but they have such low energy and no stage presence. It's nice to see two people in love singing to each other, but you can't just stand in the same spot for two songs straight.

Liv – Nine. I thought their voices were great, they sang great together, but I think sometimes their performances end up just being locked eyes with each other the whole time and it gets a little boring, and I also wasn't a fan of their songs, which obviously wasn't their fault.

Michael – I also thought it was a nine. Musically, I thought the performances were both very similar and that the deciding factor for the judges was the narrative behind Chris and Bri's relationship, not that they were more musically talented per se.

I Choose You

Which couple from this season do you think deserved to win?

Lily – I wish Rudi and Matt would've stayed. But between the two of the couples who sang at the final performance, I think Chris and Bri have been the most genuine and consistent throughout the entire competition.

Marisa – RUDI AND MATT. They were the only couple I'd consider paying to see live, and wasn't that the whole point of the show? I'm happy for Chris and Bri and wish them nothing but the best, but I can't honestly say I see them making it as musicians.

Liv – If we are going off voices alone I think Rudi and Matt. If we are going off of relationship compatibility and voices, Bri and Chris rightfully won.

Michael – Matt and Rudi sounded the best. Natascha and Ryan looked the best. Trevor and Jamie were a good combination of those two. Chris and Bri won by being good enough musically, but also giving the producers the love story narrative it wanted to fulfill the premise of the show. From that standpoint, I do think they were deserving even if they weren't my favorite.

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