Not sure what to watch next? Sick of scrolling through a bunch of titles on Netflix, Hulu, or HBOGo and never deciding on something? This list has you covered!

Check out these awesome shows -- some are new, some have been around for a while, and some you may have never heard of yet!

What are you waiting for? Dive in & get binging:

1. "Maniac"

This mind-bending series features Annie, who is looking to fix her aimless broken mental state, and Owen, who is looking to fix his schizophrenia. They join this three day drug trial and are promised to be completely fixed -- with no side effects. However, things do not unfold as promised. Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, and Justin Theroux star in this thriller. Let your mind go wild by diving into this Netflix original.

2. "Castle Rock"

If you're a fan of Stephen King novels, this show is for you. "Castle Rock" on Hulu is set in King's horror multiverse and is based on his stories, worlds, and uniting elements that occur in Castle Rock, ME. The series starts with a phone call that brings main character Attorney Henry Deaver back to his hometown to help an inmate at Shawshank Prison. Deaver has a complicated relationship with Castle Rock, making for a thrilling series that connects with King's classic novels.

3. "The Good Cop"

I know, I know, another cop show. But this fun spin on the normal police drama is about NYPD detective TJ (played by Josh Groban) whose dad (Tony Danza) is a former less-than-honorable NYPD cop. TJ's dad lives with him, and although he is no longer on the force, he offers straight-laced TJ some pretty blunt and ballsy advice about his cases. Tune in to see this father/son duo navigate their personal and professional relationship.

4. "Jane Fonda in Five Acts"

Jane Fonda is a famous actress, fitness tycoon, humanitarian, activist, and all around badass. This woman has lived almost all of her life in the spotlight and has experienced more than a few ups and downs. This documentary dives into her life, marriages, transformations, and controversies -- and doesn't hold anything back. Endorsed by Fonda herself, you'll absolutely want to learn more about her fascinating life and how's she's managed to navigate her incredible journey.

5. "Forever"

This show's plot was kept secret until it's release and is generating a lot of buzz! Married couple Oscar and June are predictable as ever— comfortable in their relationship but bordering on the edge of just going through the motions. They've had the same routines, conversations, and vacations forever. However, June decides it's time to spice things up, and the couple decides to embark on their first ski trip. This comedy follows Oscar and June as they navigate this vacation and their evolving love.

6. "Nathan For You"

Quirky, unorthodox business ideas? Check. This docu-reality comedy features Nathan Fielder, a man who uses his life experiences and business background to help real small businesses get out of the red and turn a profit. If you think this might be a run of the mill show, you'd be mistaken. Nathan's approach, ideas, and implementation usually go way over the top of what these businesses thought they were getting into. Tune in to be entertained by Nathan's insane business antics.