Avoid! Common Blunders in Web Designing and Development
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Avoid! Common Blunders in Web Designing and Development

Most common web design and development mistakes to avoid

web design and development

Old school or contemporary, flashy or minimal, website is all about catching the attention and that is actually a real challenge. A website that is eye-catching and at the same time user-friendly can be an absolute game-changer for any business. However, if a website can make a business, it can break too and all this predominantly depends on the design and development.

There are many factors that can affect the look and feel of the website. Any blunder can create a negative impact and hamper the brand reputation. So as a responsible and canny web development company, make sure you do not commit the following mistakes:

1. Incorporating music

Does the website really require music? Frankly speaking, most of the website visitors are really annoyed by the automatic music feature while some of them can even instantly leave the site. So it is better to think twice before incorporating such a distracting feature. Music is likely to divert attention and the business may also lose potential customers.

2. Stock photography

It's a fact, stock photography can lead to poor user experience. Seeing the same pictures across multiple websites can negatively impact the credibility of the brand. Stock photography doesn't evoke any emotion and the WOW reaction is really missing. So original shots are more effective than stock photos.

3. Poor call-to-action

It's called call-to-action because it calls for action and if it's not engaging enough then certainly the target audience won't take necessary action. The call-to-action button should be clear, visible and compelling, only then it will encourage the customers to click. Also, make sure it is placed perfectly after the content or information where it prompts the customers to take the next step.

4. Pop-up ads

Unnecessary pop-ups can be the biggest turn-off for any visitors. When the website visitors are reading some interesting stuff and suddenly when their view gets blocked with a pop-up, believe us nothing can be frustrating than that. They tend to lose their focus and instead of closing the pop up, they might end up leaving your website. You can also lose potential business leads due to pop up. So better avoid this mistake.

5. Website not responsive

Not having a responsive website in this day and age, sounds unrealistic, right? Yes, such impractical websites still exist which looks disastrous on mobile screens. A website which is compatible with every screen resolution, without losing its charm is the one which attracts the majority of the target audience. Ensure user experience never gets hampered.

6. Slow page load

It's a fast pace world, testing internet users patience can be risky. It is not the 90s where users were tolerant enough, even if the page took ages to load. Now if the website doesn't load in lightning speed then the users can surely leave the site at lightning speed. Slow loading sites frustrate users which eventually can affect the business. So pay attention to the page load time.

Is there any web design and development company who has managed to eliminate such blunders. Let us know how it has helped you to grow. The above mistakes are quite common but do not overlook them as it can affect your work and reputation.

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