Avery Johnson's Out As UA Basketball Head Coach

Four seasons ago the Alabama Crimson Tide Basketball program made the decision to hire Avery Johnson as the head coach of their program. With this hire came expectations of higher rates of success for the program, including hopes of NCAA tournament appearances.

At the beginning of his time with the program, Johnson brought much-needed energy and change to the ways of the team, which in return brought hope to the fans. There was talk that this was exactly what Alabama needed for long-awaited changes for their basketball team.

The program has always had the talent and athleticism it needed to be a relatively successful team, but their lack of cohesion as a group proved to be an obstacle they could never overcome. Whether it was one player that stood out and was expected to carry the team, or simply the failure to work together as a team, the Crimson Tide could never seem to figure it out.

The addition of Johnson was expected to bring a dynamic aspect to the program, but after a 75-62 and failed to break the average standard set by the squad, the time has finally come to end Johnson's time in Tuscaloosa. Johnson's break-off with the University of Alabama did not come out of lack of effort but simply lack of results.

It has been reported that this split was mutual between Johnson and the program, as both the coach and the university know that something has to change within this program. The Alabama Crimson Tide and its fans appreciate the seasons Johnson gave us, and hope for the best in the coming years.

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