Save Any Lame Hangouts This Summer With These 10 Rap Songs
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Save Any Lame Hangouts This Summer With These 10 Rap Songs

Pull up that Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud ASAP!


The aux cord hero strikes again with some more jams that work for any kickback, party, road trip, shower; any occasion. Here are 10 more rap songs that you need to listen to, like, right now.

1. "Lick" - Offset

Straight off Offset's newest album "Father of Four," this beat will have you swaying in no time. The flute back beat will get your head bumpin'. Offset's smooth voice and strong lyrics will make this song a perfect addition to any playlist. And honestly, how cool is it that he has his actual kids on the cover of his album, that rocks almost as much as his songs.


Ok, first of all, how is X still releasing music? That dude died a while ago . . .

Anyways, no, this is not a remix to J. Cole's single "MIDDLE CHILD," though that's probably what you thought (it's okay, I did too). Just a coincidence the titles both have all caps. In this song, PnB Rock explains the struggle of being a middle child out of his family of five brothers. With its wavy beat and refreshing meaning, you need this on your jams playlist.

3. "Speed It Up" - Gunna

RUN IT BACK, TURBO! Gunna's back with another jam! The simplicity of this song is really what drew me to it. Personally, I like being able to hear and understand all the words in a rap song the first time I hear it. This song is exactly that. But, you'd think since the song is called "Speed It Up," it would speed up gradually throughout the song, right? Not in Gunna's mind, I guess.

4. "Suge" - DaBaby

DaBaby is just a savage, and you can tell if you've seen any of his music videos. I mean, also, his smile alone could bring world peace and end hunger. This song has a funky fresh beat, like nothing I've ever heard before. And, the bass makes my car shake like no other. If this song isn't on your playlist, you need to add it NOW (and watch the video for some entertainment).

5. "Floating" - ScHoolboy Q (ft. 21 Savage)

You may recognize this song if you watched any of the 2019 NBA Finals games because this was deemed its national anthem. The video for this song is interesting; it's basically a hyperactive tour of Los Angeles. I've never been, so I found it to be really cool. If this song was out when I released by the article on best 21 Savage features, this would've made the top three for sure. Q and 21 are powerhouses of the rap industry, and they executed a song together quite well. Give it a listen if you haven't already!

6. "Tap" - NAV (ft. Meek Mill)

NAV has a certain clarity with his voice that you really can't find in other rappers nowadays. He is truly inspiring for all my insecure friends out there. If NAV can overcome his insecurities, and show his face on social media, there's hope for everyone. Meek Mill is the perfect addition to this song, giving it kind of an old school flare with a new beat. Hopefully, this song will awaken everyone and I won't have to go to NAV's next concert by myself. Add it, I know you want to.

7. "Faucet Failure" - Ski Mask The Slump God

Ski Mask The Slump God is, honestly, one of my favorite rappers. His lyrics always bring a smile to my face due to how random they are; but somehow, they always work out in his favor. Like, come on, "Yes give me, a girl from Disney. And a happy meal, pretty please don't gyp me. On fries (ketchup)." He uses ketchup as an ad-lib, which is absolutely legendary! Add this to your playlist ASAP for a funky, fresh, summer jam.

8. "Ready" - Lil Baby (ft. Gunna)

Okay, it's no secret that Lil Baby and Gunna are one of the ultimate dream teams in the rap industry currently. Every song these two rappers release is better than the last, and this is a perfect example of that. A slower beat than what we're used to seeing from this dynamic duo, but the quality is not compromised. It's nice to hear more of a chill vibe from these guys, I really enjoy it. C'mon, show these dudes some love, give it a listen.

9. "Brothers" - Lil TJAY

Don't even get me started on how much I love Lil TJAY! He popped out in the game and made a name for himself in no time. One of my friends actually recommended that I listen to this song, and it's been one of my absolute favorite songs ever since. (Guido, if you're reading this, thank you). Lil TJAY's voice is truly one of a kind. His harmonies are out of this world. Overall, he's just great and this song really shows his talent. Everyone could learn a thing or two about dreamin' big from this song if you give it a listen.

10. "Out Tha Mud" - Roddy Ricch

Straight outta Compton and the mud now too. Dang, Roddy Ricch is the only person I've ever heard with the name Rodrick, besides the older brother from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. After his rise to fame in November of 2018, he's dominated the charts ever since. He's got a crystal clear voice and messages that will change how you think about rap today. Give this a listen, and watch his video on Spotify, I promise you won't regret it.

Okay, you know what to do! Go add these to whichever music app you prefer. Be the aux cord hero that your friends never knew they needed to rescue the boring get-together.

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