Five Photoshoots to do While in Quarantine
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Five Photoshoots to do While in Quarantine

Something new to try instead of just sitting around at home!

Five Photoshoots to do While in Quarantine

Quarantine is not how we imagined we would be spending our time during this spring semester. If you are anything like me, you do not know what to do with your time. So, I have been trying to find different ways to entertain myself. One of those is photoshoots. All you need is a camera (the one on your phone works!), walls, some sort of stand (I used a chair and books) and some small things you can find within your home! Now let's get snapping!

A Bathroom Shoot!

Now, I know this sounds a little weird, but bear with me. Typically, bathrooms are plain and do not have a lot going on on the walls. So use that to your advantage! I took a few different shots in my bathtub/shower (Get comfortable! Pose anyway you want, but make sure it is a way that you feel confident and comfortable enough in!) sitting against the wall, standing in the shower, and sitting on my toilet. Those are just a few ideas for this area, lets talk about another one!

Up Against a Curtain!

Again, this one sounds weird, let me explain. I am currently sitting in my mom's living room and I keep looking at her new curtains. They have a fun pattern that would look good in the background of pictures. If you have any cute curtains (or even blinds! Get creative with this!) find a way to pose in front of them. I have not taken pictures in front of mine yet, but I'm super excited to try it!

In Your Bedroom!

This is a simple one. Your bedroom is probably a place you are most comfortable right? So, go make your bed, clean your room and get your camera and set up. The ideas that I am thinking of are sitting on your bed. One pose idea that you might like is lying on it with your head towards the camera and your legs in the air. I took pictures like this when I was in middle school with my best friend of the time and they turned out wonderful! Other ideas I have are just however you are comfortable, if it is just sitting on your bed with a book then so be it! Go make this image real.

A Family Shoot!

If you are quarantined like I am, you have your family around. So take advantage! Ask them to join you in some fun pictures. Find a blank wall first, I have always found that to be the best when it comes to a background with multiple people. For the most part, I find all my family portraits on Pinterest. Once you know the way you want the picture to be, set up the camera (and your family members), set a timer and run to your position! Family pictures can be a lot of fun, a bonus is sending them to your extended family members that you can not see due to quarantine. They will love your pictures!

Get this... Going... Outside!

Honestly, I have not taken advantage of this, I have been hiding away in my house for most of the quarantine. But, this idea is going to be something that gets me outside. Spring is hitting us right now! If you have allergies like me, you already knew that. That's not my point, so spring, that means flowers are starting to bloom! Right outside of my house we have a small patch where a bunch of purple flowers have started to bloom. If you have something like that (or those beautiful trees blossoming with white and pink flowers) go take advantage and snap some pictures! It is the perfect reason to go outside, and you'll be able to look at the blooming nature from a different perspective. But, if you have allergies, take your medicine before doing this, we do not need mid-sneeze pictures during quarantine.

Those are just five different ideas to try out during quarantine. I know there are more, but those seem like the most fun and easiest to do during this time. So go and have some fun during this time. Make the most of this experience!

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