From the minute I discovered what astrology was and learned that my zodiac sign was Capricorn, I wrote it off as pseudoscience. There was no way that the position of the planets and stars could in any way determine a person's behavior, and I was proof enough of that. I was nothing like a Capricorn: ambitious, cold, and money-hungry.

As astrology became more and more prominent in popular culture, however, and as more of my friends began to discuss it, I found myself wanting to dig deeper. Obviously, every person wasn't going to match their zodiac sign. Did astrology account for that?

I discovered that it did. There is more to astrology than the typical sun sign that most people know. Every person also has a moon sign, a rising sign, a mercury sign, etc., that help to explain different aspects of personality and behavior. Don't feel in touch with your sun sign? Chances are you'll identify more with your moon sign, which controls your more personal, emotional self.

As I did research and thought about how I fit into each sign on my chart, I found that I was beginning to look at my actions differently. I always said I wasn't ambitious because I thought I didn't work hard enough. But upon reflection, I realized that I like to plan for the future (a little too much sometimes) and have solid goals set for myself.

And while I may not exactly be "cold" and "money-hungry" as Capricorns are often described, I am a bit slow to warm up to new people and certainly work more hours than a lot of my friends. Coming to these realizations has allowed me to have a better understanding of how I think, how others see me, and what I need to do to help myself grow and develop as a human being.

Do I actually believe in astrology now? I'm not sure. But now that I have done more research, I do believe that it can be a useful tool for self-reflection and self-discovery for anyone, regardless of their views on religion and spirituality. Just because something does not fit into your personal belief system does not mean that it has no value, and I believe that searching for meaning from all kinds of sources is the best way to become a well-rounded individual.