Ash Wednesday Is A Time Of Self-Reflection

Ash Wednesday Is A Time Of Self-Reflection

My hope is this Lenten season we will all seek to go deeper with our creator and have true self-reflection.

This year Ash Wednesday is on Valentine’s Day which provides us with a lens that allows us to have a better view in how we experience this Lenten season and also reflect on how much we love Christ and how much we are willing to turn our lives over to Christ.

The meaning of lent is for us followers of Christ to pause for 6 weeks of self-reflection through prayer and denying ourselves of things that typically would take our attention of from Christ.

For me this Lenten season, I will seek to deepen my faith in more tangible ways by being sure to have daily prayer and devotional time, by sharing God’s love with those I come in contact with, to seek understanding rather than confrontational.

I will work better not to judge people based on what I believe to be ignorant and hurtful social media posts, I also will work harder to see the heart and humanness of those I come in contact with.

My hope is this Lenten season we will all seek to go deeper with our creator and have true self-reflection.

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Worship Songs for Times of Trial

My personal favorite worship songs for times of struggle

All of us have had periods of our lives that are a little more difficult than others. In those times of trials, we are to turn to the Lord, which is often easier said than done. Personally, I've found that music helps me connect to God when I am at my lowest. Below are the top 10 worship songs I turn to when I need to be uplifted, each one is linked so you can listen.

1. Pieces by Amanda Cook

2. Even If by MercyMe

3. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing by All Sons & Daughters

4. Mended by Matthew West

5. More Than Anything by Natalie Grant

6. Save My Life by Sidewalk Prophets

7. You Are More by Tenth Avenue North

8. Reckless Love by Cory Asbury

9. Do It Again by Elevation Worship

10. Oceans by Hillsong

Cover Image Credit: Themocracy

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10 Things All Atheists Are Tired of Hearing

Like, c’mon, do you really need a book to tell you to not to be a jerk?

Sure, you can believe whatever you want to. But so can I, my friend.

As inspired by my own daily life and every argument I've gotten into over religion, these are a few things we atheists are just outright tired of hearing.

I don't care if, "I'm going to hell," or if I don't know what happens after we die. Just don't say these 10 things to us anymore. Please.

1. When God does things that don’t make sense, just trust him and have faith

Well, then, whether your friend with cancer gets better or dies or whether natural disasters strike big sinful cities or small God-fearing towns, it’s always God. How does that even prove anything?

2. I’ve experienced God personally, so he’s real

By this logic, if I told you, "There is definitely a giant purple unicorn flying in front of my house with rainbow hair because I feel it in my heart"... would you take me seriously?

3. If not the Bible/Qur'an/Torah/etc., where do you get your morals from?

This one is the worst. Like, c’mon, do you really need a book to tell you to not to be a jerk?

4. What if you’re wrong?

I’ll take my chances.

5. Are you saying all this happened by chance?

What’s the Big Bang, again?

6. So, do you even believe in anything?

I believe in the things I can see.

7. What happens when you die?

I have no clue.

8. What is the purpose of your life?

Hm, give me a minute, figuring that out right now.

9. You’re going to hell!

I’ll rather do that than argue with you anymore about religion.

10. There’s no proof that God doesn’t exist

Do we really have to go back to this, again?

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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