This may sound odd, but one night I was having a conversation with three people sitting at the bar I work at. I'm going to refer to it as my bar because I consider it as just that. I like to think of it as my own little world while I'm working because it helps me get in the zone. When I'm tending bar I try to be speedy with a little style, half the time I'm just making myself laugh trying to flip cups, and puree's etc. The woman of the three people was asking me what I do, which obviously she must have thought that I wasn't just a bartender. Which is absolutely true we aren't just our jobs, no matter how much they consume our lives. As we continued to talk she was asking me how I would describe bartending or why I like it.

When she called me an artist, I was amazed because I originally never thought of myself that way.

Then I thought she is absolutely right, making drinks is an art. Using all different ingredients, focusing on a certain color, taste, and possibly even a price limit. Being a bartender is honestly a lot of fun, you meet nice people sometimes, or the weirdest ones, which could happen anywhere. It can also look easier than it is, sometimes you have to work late, and deal with total a**holes. No job is perfect though, seriously though we all contribute something cool to this world through our jobs and how well we do them. Chefs or any type of cook are more of an artist than all of us probably. How they make food, and focus on the presentation of how the dish looks, and how everything has it's own place.

Event planners use their imagination and create exactly what people want, whether it's for a wedding, sweet sixteen, any special occasion. Same with interior decorators, making everyone's home unique, and cozy, and exactly how they want it. All of these amazing careers or just for now jobs we hear about every day, or see the amazing work done by them.

Next time you go out to eat or to just get a drink, pay attention don't make it creepy, but just watch how much of an art all the things around you are. When bartending mixology has to do with understanding the properties and flavors of different liquors and other ingredients, and how they interact. While using precise measurements and ratios. So it may be a science just as much as an art. Because when you mix all those perfect ingredients to make that one great cocktail, it has it's own color and that taste that you created.

It requires a lot of skill, I am not saying I have that much I have only been doing it for a year and a half now. I will always consider it as a side job or something to fall back on though, maybe my main job at my own bar down the road who knows. All about customer satisfaction, and being personable with them, along with having that personality to work behind a bar. Just laughing and having a good time with people enjoying making their drinks and others, in a safe manner of course. It can be a very serious job as well knowing peoples limits, and being strong enough to say no that's enough.

Never allow your self to feel uncomfortable at any job. I am just saying take pride in your work, and make what you do great. In the end, it's you doing it and you can make every-time memorable if you wish. We may not be making millions off of what we drew on a canvas but hey, in the end, all that matters is what we think of ourselves!! Plus I hope you get as lucky as I did and get to work with some pretty amazing people.