I'm The Alcohol Version Of Picasso, Because Being A Mixologist Is Also An Art

I'm The Alcohol Version Of Picasso, Because Being A Mixologist Is Also An Art

When I'm tending bar I try to be speedy with a little style.


This may sound odd, but one night I was having a conversation with three people sitting at the bar I work at. I'm going to refer to it as my bar because I consider it as just that. I like to think of it as my own little world while I'm working because it helps me get in the zone. When I'm tending bar I try to be speedy with a little style, half the time I'm just making myself laugh trying to flip cups, and puree's etc. The woman of the three people was asking me what I do, which obviously she must have thought that I wasn't just a bartender. Which is absolutely true we aren't just our jobs, no matter how much they consume our lives. As we continued to talk she was asking me how I would describe bartending or why I like it.

When she called me an artist, I was amazed because I originally never thought of myself that way.

Then I thought she is absolutely right, making drinks is an art. Using all different ingredients, focusing on a certain color, taste, and possibly even a price limit. Being a bartender is honestly a lot of fun, you meet nice people sometimes, or the weirdest ones, which could happen anywhere. It can also look easier than it is, sometimes you have to work late, and deal with total a**holes. No job is perfect though, seriously though we all contribute something cool to this world through our jobs and how well we do them. Chefs or any type of cook are more of an artist than all of us probably. How they make food, and focus on the presentation of how the dish looks, and how everything has it's own place.

Event planners use their imagination and create exactly what people want, whether it's for a wedding, sweet sixteen, any special occasion. Same with interior decorators, making everyone's home unique, and cozy, and exactly how they want it. All of these amazing careers or just for now jobs we hear about every day, or see the amazing work done by them.

Next time you go out to eat or to just get a drink, pay attention don't make it creepy, but just watch how much of an art all the things around you are. When bartending mixology has to do with understanding the properties and flavors of different liquors and other ingredients, and how they interact. While using precise measurements and ratios. So it may be a science just as much as an art. Because when you mix all those perfect ingredients to make that one great cocktail, it has it's own color and that taste that you created.

It requires a lot of skill, I am not saying I have that much I have only been doing it for a year and a half now. I will always consider it as a side job or something to fall back on though, maybe my main job at my own bar down the road who knows. All about customer satisfaction, and being personable with them, along with having that personality to work behind a bar. Just laughing and having a good time with people enjoying making their drinks and others, in a safe manner of course. It can be a very serious job as well knowing peoples limits, and being strong enough to say no that's enough.

Never allow your self to feel uncomfortable at any job. I am just saying take pride in your work, and make what you do great. In the end, it's you doing it and you can make every-time memorable if you wish. We may not be making millions off of what we drew on a canvas but hey, in the end, all that matters is what we think of ourselves!! Plus I hope you get as lucky as I did and get to work with some pretty amazing people.

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11 of the Most Annoying Starbucks Orders

I know we all have our own opinions, but come on.

When people find out I work at Starbucks, the first thing they say is, "is it hard memorizing all the drinks?" In all honesty, it really isn't all that bad. Until these people come along. There's being high maintenance and then there's being unnecessarily annoying. These people are the latter. Some of these drinks are extremely time consuming to make, and some are just plain weird.

1. A Frappuccino with no ice

Excuse me, what?

2. A “nonfat, iced skinny mocha with light ice, whipped cream, and chocolate drizzle”

Okay, a.) nonfat comes in the ‘skinny’ description, and b.) this definitely isn’t skinny anymore. But you do you.

3. A Berry Hibiscus Refresher “shaken with berries, but no berries in the drink itself”

So you just want the drink to turn pink?

4. A “half caramel, half vanilla latte, decaf espresso heated only to 100° with nonfat milk and caramel drizzle on top”

This one is just a mouthful…

5. Upside down Macchiato

So a latte? You’re asking for a latte…?

6. Black Iced Tea *steamed* with 10 sweeteners that are not Splenda

Seriously? Just get hot black tea!

7. A “vanilla coconut milk cappuccino with no foam and whipped cream”

A cappuccino is just espresso and foam! What do you mean ‘no foam’?!

8. Layers of whipped cream with caramel and mocha drizzle between each layer

This is a coffee shop…at least get a drink.

9. A skinny vanilla latte steamed to exactly 137°

Can you honestly tell the difference between 137 and 140°?

10. A Java Chip Frappuccino with no chips

So... a mocha frapp?

11. A “venti matcha green tea Frappuccino made with soy milk, chips, and peppermint”

I’m sure this drink is actually really good, but it sure is annoying to make.

Customizing your order at Starbucks is not a big deal. Make it your own. Just don't be the a**hole that wants their milk steamed to 137 degrees.

Cover Image Credit: Business Insider

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9 Easy Natural Water Cleanses To Start Your New Year Strong

If you're trying to be healthier or increase your water intake this new year, you're welcome.


Sometimes, something as simple as spicing up your water is all it takes to make you feel fresh and renewed. If you're anything like me, you neglected your daily water intake at the end of 2018. But, as I began the new year I realized why I was feeling so sluggish and it was because I wasn't drinking enough water. Personally, I tend to get bored with plain water and throughout the years have found myself researching recipe's to spice up my water. Well, if you're looking to be healthier, take in more water or searching for an easy detox, I'm sharing my personal favorite infused water recipes that can help you with all of your health needs.

1. Lemon, Cucumber & Mint

Cia Florentina

This combo, I'd like to think is very well known and may be more basic but hello, it is my go-to choice just for the instant detox/ revival it gives me! Lemons are your best friend because they're a natural detoxifier, providing a boost in your immune system and digestion, all while flushing out toxins. The mint will aid in digestion and also contribute as a natural sweetener. The cucumber provides an extra hydration boost and will give some more flavor!

BONUS: Add ginger which aids in digestion, can prevent indigestion, nausea and heartburn.

2. Green Tea, Mint & Lime


So, this concoction does it all! This is great for burning fat, helping with digestion, easing headaches, and fighting congestion! Remember, while the tea is steeping add in the other ingredients. When it cools down, pour over ice and done!

3. Cucumber, Kiwi & Strawberry

Eleanor Prior

Yum! The benefits from this fruity combo are blood sugar support, immune system support, appetite control, increase in metabolism, provides a boost in energy, and reduces toxins!! Also, as I've mentioned before, cucumbers are a great way to get that extra hydration but on top of that they are great for your skin, and have anti-inflammatory properties!

4. Lemon, Lime & Cucumber

Happy Food

Okay, now were combining a few of our reoccurring favs! As we know from previous combo's, here we are getting a hydration boost, appetite control, aid in digestion, bloating reduction, skin aid, lowering blood pressure, and a kidney cleanse! Perfect!

BONUS: Add ginger!

5. Lemon, Lime & Orange


This trio is a blast of flavor! The benefits of this detox are Immune defense, digestion, heartburn relief, fat burner (aiding in weight loss), kidney detox. The presence of the orange aids in detoxifying/ burning fat when paired with lemon, provides a germ fighting vitamin, helps slow the aging process, and the vitamin C from the orange combined with lemon helps build collagen which again prevents premature aging.

BONUS: Add blueberries!

6. Grapefruit & Rosemary


Okay this duo is action packed of benefits. The grapefruit alone provides an aid in weight loss (due to its fiber content and blood sugar stabilization properties), immune system boost, aids in brain health, the potassium in it aids in muscle growth, aids in cardiovascular health and ladies, it can even help prevent UTI's. Now, the rosemary helps hair growth, has anti-inflammatory compounds, helps digestion, liver detox, enhances brain function, reduces stress and balances hormones. I mean, this is a must!

7. Mint & Blueberry

Square Space

Okay so blueberry is chop full of amazing things for your body! Blueberries aid in weight loss, helps boost immunity, anti-aging properties, promotes cardiovascular and brain health, aids in digestion, lowers blood pressure, and can help prevent UTI's. The mint again will help indigestion and gas and provides a sweet flavor naturally.

PS: you may want to much the blueberries up to really get that flavor out!

BONUS: Add lemon for extra health support!

8. Peach & Raspberry

My Emerald Kitchen

Peaches provide a great aid in skin care. They fight wrinkles, improve skin texture, and help to repair and fight sun damage. Raspberries are high in antioxidants and vitamin C which promotes heart health and fights age- related decline, has anti inflammatory properties, they are full of fiber and have anti-cancer properties.

9. Basil & Strawberry

OMG Food

Together basil and strawberry infused water can boost energy levels, support the immune system, support the proper absorption of minerals, help to maintain proper metabolic functions, and have anti-inflammatory properties.

BONUS: Add lemon!

Making this water is very simple! Add as much as you'd like regarding the ingredient's and make sure that however much you have, has a good water ratio. Be generous and the longer you let it soak the stronger the flavor. I advise letting it soak overnight in the fridge to really allow all of the nutrients to soak into the water. Remember you can add any extras or mix and match any of these recipe's you think you'll enjoy!!

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