8 Artists To Watch Out For In 2017
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8 Artists To Watch Out For In 2017

These artists are already getting a running start to 2017.

8 Artists To Watch Out For In 2017

Time Atlas

This band, based in Minnesota, has been dominating the underground music scene since 2015 with their first single, Falling. The band features Grayson Dewolfe as vocals/keys, Josh Bening and Adam Feuring on guitar, Kristoff Druva on bass, and Aaron Gates on drums. They have toured with other underground bands such as An Honest Year, The Millenium, and many others. These guys have a lot in store for 2017, so keep an eye out.

Louder Than Words

After forming in 2015, this band took off quickly, building up a loyal fan base. Their first EP, Letters and Lovers, got an overwhelming positive response. Spencer Berry, also known as Issy, has a very unique voice which makes the over-all sound of the band very unique. The other members include Christian VanBuskirk and Esteban Ruelas on guitar, and Johnny Buzzin on drums. They are based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, but plan on touring very soon.

Old City Revival

This group outside of Philadelphia has big plans for the upcoming year. They recently released an album with another group, Crash Landing. They've released other EPs and singles that can be found on their Bandcamp. Members include Kevin Dunne, Brandon Cole, and Tom Hale, but also have guests in some of their songs. They play quite a few shows around the New Jersey and Philadelphia area, but plan on touring the entire east coast in spring of 2017, so keep an eye out for dates.


Gnash took off in 2016 after his collaboration with Olivia O'Brien became a hit. I Hate U, I Love U made it to the Billboard Top 10. His EPs-u, me, andus-include songs with many other artists, as well. In 2016, he went on his u me and us tour, during which he released a single titled something. Soon after he released another single, home. In December, he announced a second tour for the spring, the sleepover tour, which will include some countries in Europe, the United States, and Canada. He has yet to release any other artist that will be accompanying him on tour. After such a takeoff in 2016, be prepared for even more in 2017.

Goody Grace

Goody Grace is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from a small town in Manitoba, Canada. He is currently based out of Los Angeles, California. His song, Memorie$, featuring Jesse Rutherford was a big hit for him, as was Vanilla Coke, which YouTube Star, Andrea Russett, included in her music compilation, Mind Medicine. Goody accompanied Gnash on the u me and us tour, during which he performed Pretend, a song that he officially released towards the end of the tour. His song Two Shots was a collaboration with Gnash. His music is a unique mix between rap, hip-hop, and some alternative.

Olivia O'Brien

This 17 year old singer/songwriter launched her music career with I Hate U, I Love U. She recently released her version of the song, titled Hate U, Love U. Although she doesn't have a lot of released music at the time, she has written hundreds of songs. She announced that she would not be on the sleepover tour with Gnash, but said that she would love to tour once she has more released and a band put together. Her music career is in its early stages, but she intends to stick with music for as long as her passion for it lasts.


This British sensation has made her way to many different countries around the world. She recently got done traveling across the United States to appear on many different radio stations and spread her music. Her biggest hit, Alarm, made it to number 7 on Billboard's Next Big Sound. She attended a music school in the UK which is where she got her vocal training. She veered off away from the classical, and more towards pop as her voice matured. Her voice is incomparable to any top artists right now. She can go from smoothly hitting a high note to a raspy, soulful sound without any hesitation. She has big plans coming up in 2017.

Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara took a running start to her music career after posting acoustic covers on YouTube. Her first hit single, Here, made it to number 5 in the Billboard Hot 100 in 2015 and stayed high in the charts through 2016. Her most recent single, Scars to Your Beautiful, has already made it to number 13 on the same charts. She has also done collaborations with other artists such as Shawn Mendes and G-Eazy. She has been nominated at many award shows for Best New Artist and Breakout Artist of the Year. This young singer has great potential and will surely dominate in 2017.

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