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5 Amazing Artists Who Are Worth Following On Social Media

Want some beautiful art on your timeline? Go check these artists out on social media.

I love art. Especially the art that I find on Instagram or on Society6. I have five artists that I am OBSESSING over by checking their social media and finding the perfect products to buy such as stickers, notebooks, and portraits. Each artist has their own unique style that makes any admirer fall in love with their style.

1. Michelle - Procrastiartist

Michelle is an artist that I discovered on Pinterest and stalked every image till I found her Instagram username. Once I found her page I made sure to follow her page. I love her artwork because it represents all types of romantic relationships, celebrity drawings, supernatural creature drawings. My favorite aspect of the drawings is how cute they are, and I wish I can send my picture to Michelle so that I can have my personalized picture.

2. Eromatica 

The artist of these images is a male from Mexico, who has two pop-up shops in New York City, stickers/GIF for IOS and Androids, as well as merch. The owner of Eromatica focuses his artwork on sex and love but focuses his art on the women's pleasure. I love how he portrays interracial relationships and normalizes sex and love. He also focuses on women empowerment.

3. Sally Nixon-Sallustration 

Sally's artwork was featured in an article and I admired how she drew the daily lives of women. Each image is an intimate activity that a woman has during her daily routine. Some of the drawings are girls having lunch with their friends, eating dinner by herself with the TV, standing in the shower, sitting on the toilet while the dog stares etc. Her images always have different types of texture that make the images really realistic.

4. Amanda Oleander 

Amanda's artwork mainly focuses on artwork that displays PDA among relationships. Every image is a different pose like a couple cuddling in bed or brushing their teeth together. Moreover, other drawings have a deeper meaning like the one where the girl is painting over her boyfriend's true colors. Amanda's drawings have become a sensation over social media.

5. Robin Eisenberg 

Robin is an LA-based artist. The way I interpret her artwork is badass zodiac aliens. Robin uses a lot of primary colors for her characters and the backgrounds creating a stunning look. I love how her characters have a wider nose like mine, so I feel connected to each badass babe.

I hope you enjoy the artists and go check them out.

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