Why Art Isn't Just Your Aesthetic

There's much to be said about creativity and art found in our society. While there are those who are more drawn to art than others, it's rare to find someone who can't appreciate art on any level.

One of the biggest issues in the art community is that art is just regarded as being something pleasant to look at. That artwork can become someone's screensaver or latest Instagram post, being labeled as fitting someone's "aesthetic." While there are some artists who simply create just for visual and aesthetic purposes, this doesn't give the viewer permission to disregard artwork when it doesn't fit your "aesthetic."

For many people who have not studied the subject, there's the general belief that art is just about being able to draw well and that artwork is created to simply look "pretty" or visually interesting. There is the belief that those who are able to draw are able to create a finished piece within hours as well as the belief that art is just a hobby, not a real profession.

Those in the art community are often frustrated with these assumptions and it's about time that some of them are debunked for those who view artwork.

For starters, being skilled in this field isn't just pure luck. It is a highly competitive field that requires years of dedication and hard work for the individuals who choose to pursue this path. There are those who can be more naturally inclined and skilled, but like anything in life, hard work and education go along in improving oneself.

It's because of this that the assumption that artwork is created easily needs to stop since anything that is of merit requires handwork on anyone's part. This goes along with the belief that artists can just whip up work on the spot and that it can then just be viewed at one's pleasure. Yes, many artists want the viewer to enjoy his or her artwork, but it's more than just appreciation, it's also about evoking emotion and thought from their audience.

Artists use their mediums as a way to communicate with the world around them. It's a means of expression, voicing thoughts and representing what they see in society. Artwork has been used to record history, to get across ideas and to voice thoughts on issues in society. Artists can spend days, months or even years working on a single piece, trying to get across a certain idea to make their audience think of a common idea in a new light.

So, yes artwork is enjoyable, it can be aesthetically pleasing, but it's more than a prop. It's a means of communication, of deeper thought, a reflection on the human condition. So the next time you come across a piece of artwork that isn't cut and dry in interpretation, think for a moment about its purpose, consider the meaning of the art and put more thought into a conversation discussing artwork.

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