7 Things To Get Hyped For 'Arrow' Season 7

7 Things To Get Hyped For 'Arrow' Season 7

See what's in store for this fall's most anticipated premiere.

Just a couple weeks ago, geeks and disappointed mothers around the globe watched the epic finale of Arrow’s sixth season. The CW’s super-powered drama left me too hyped to focus on finals. So here are seven reasons to pawn your textbooks for a new TV before this fall:

1. Soft reboot.

Season five’s explosive final moments did everything but give a signed guarantee to promise viewers a complete overhaul in season six. In hindsight, it was probably a bit unreasonable and morbid to expect the writers to kill off the entire cast aside from the title character, but I would've settled for one decaying series regular. Instead, all of our heroes survived and Oliver picked up the exhilarating responsibilities of fatherhood.

Since then, the Arrow showrunners had undergone a massive change of heart as this finale didn't just bring the death of longtime ally and obstacle Quentin Lance, but also Oliver Queen’s public admission to being the Green Arrow and his incarceration into a maximum security prison. While The Flash pulled a similar conflict in its midseason finale, Arrow is better known for emphasizing the significance of these big events, and I'm eager to see what the fundamental dynamics of the show shift to this Fall.

2. Arsenal returns

The past three years haven't been kind to the Green Arrow’s former sidekick with Roy Harper aka Arsenal only making three appearances on the show since he framed himself as the green-hooded vigilante to protect Oliver. However, with Quentin Lance exiting the show, it’s been confirmed that the Emerald Archer’s ruby accomplice will be filling that role as a season regular once again. Last we saw of Roy, he went off with Oliver’s sister on a MacGuffin hunt, so we’ll soon see what pulls him away from that mission and back into the limelight.

3. Putting the GOAT In goatee

Part-time vigilante and full-time enchanting personage Stephen Amell has been teasing the idea of Oliver Queen’s hallmark goatee appearing in Arrow for quite a while now, even going as far as to promise that we’d see it on the show before its end. We've waited anxiously, and it appears that our impatience will finally be rewarded as Amell confirmed at Motor City Comic Con that the Green Arrow will don a classic comic book look for season seven. Even if the season’s plot ends up resembling season four rather than season one, it will all be worth it for a glimpse of that glorious goatee. I suppose this would be a better time than any for it, since a beard that distinctive could become something of an inconvenience for somebody trying to keep their vigilantism under wraps.

4. A caped and cowled crossover

If for nothing else, the Arrowverse is renowned for its escalation. Its annual crossovers between shows has gone from a two-person team up against C-list rogues to a twenty hero army against a parallel universe Nazi army of the heroes. This year, at New York City Center, Amell and CW President Mark Pedowitz announced that Batwoman and Gotham City will debut in this December’s crossover event. As of now, Batman lore had only been explicitly referenced on the CW a handful of times, and although we won't be seeing the brooding bat himself anytime soon, this is the biggest step the Arrowverse has ever taken towards that.

5. The longbow hunters

Arrow has a history of teasing its next season’s big bad in the prior season; one example being when Ra's Al Ghul egged on Oliver to capture Damien Darhk in season 3. In this year’s finale, word got to Team Arrow that Ricardo Diaz has allied himself with the infamous Longbow Hunters. One of the most renown Green Arrow story arcs from the comics went by the same name and it saw the character take on a much darker tone for the first time, but that isn't the only influence the story has had on the show thus far. Both Shado and Fyers appeared in the comic and both were series regulars in season one.

It is doubtful that season seven will mirror that story as much as it will the newer reference to the group of Green Arrow villains, led by Richard Dragon aka Ricardo Diaz, that teamed up in the name of killing him. The team included Count Vertigo, Red Dart, Brick, and Killer Moth, half of whom we have already seen on the show, so we’ll see who makes up the supervillain team in the televised version in just a few months.

6. New airtime

It's time to get some housekeeping out of the way. As of now, Arrow will be airing new episodes on Monday nights instead of Thursday nights. They will go on at 9 PM EST immediately following Legends of Tomorrow. Season seven will premiere on October 8th so shoot an arrow at your calendar.

7. Bye bye, Guggenheim

After six years of overseeing Arrow’s writing and production, co-creator Marc Guggenheim will be stepping down as executive producer in favor of a role as executive consultant. Ever since co-creator Greg Berlanti left Arrow to jumpstart The Flash, Guggenheim has been the butt of everyone’s blame for the show’s quality declining. Whether or not there's a causation between Guggenheim’s control growing and the show’s writing worsening doesn't appear to be of consequence anymore. The show’s future has now been left in the hands of Beth Schwartz, who Berlanti described as “a source of some of the show’s most exciting and memorable moments from the beginning,” so she has my full confidence that she'll bring the convicted vigilante, the Longbow Hunters, and that jaw-dropping goatee to a new and compelling direction come the premiere.

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12 Not-So-Boujee Must Haves For Your First Home/Apartment, If You Want To Actually Survive

Broom > Swiffer. Trust me.


Whether a college student or just moving into your first home or apartment, here is a list of things you probably didn't know you needed.

1. Shower Curtain Rod. 

In my furnished apartment, I was thinking the past tenant would have left this item. WRONG. Walmart is going to be your best bet for getting this, I went to at least three other stores first, and none of them had it so save yourself time and just go to Walmart.

2. Organizers. 

I was lucky enough to already have one. However, drawer organizers are so important. Not only do they save space for me in my apartment and on my desk, but it acts as my nightstand. Living on the fourth floor of my apartment, the last thing I wanted to do was haul a wooden nightstand up to my room. So get an organizer that has wheels, they usually have colored drawers so they can follow whatever color scheme you have going on.

3. Wall Decorations. 

I'm usually not one worried about decorating, but the walls will feel empty without even a cheap poster from Walmart or family photos. Something about decorating just really makes it feel more like home, than if you had just an empty room.

4. Oil Diffuser.

This was new to me. However, not only does my oil diffuser give a little extra light when it's on, but my room always smells amazing now, even if the rest of the house smells like food. Scentsy pots work too, but with the oil diffusers there's less mess and you can use oils similar to DoTerra for health and mood benefits.

5. Tinfoil. 

We all eat food. And let's be honest, college students are lazy and life is so much easier when you can just throw tinfoil on top of your dish and toss it in the fridge. Especially when you're in a hurry. Yes, that's also what Tupperware is for but you also can use it for cooking in the oven.

6. Rugs. 

Most kitchens are hardwood or tile of some sort, having a rug in front of the entrance and in front of the sink are essential to creating less mess to clean. We have a lot of guests in our apartment and since we don't have carpet anywhere but our rooms, it is tough to ask for shoes off so having a rug at the front door can cut down the amount of dirt tracked in.

7. Lamps. 

Lighting can be limited in rooms so it's nice to bring some sort of extra lighting. Either a stand up lamp or just a desk lamp can make a huge difference in the lighting of your room.

8. Dry Shampoo. 

This is less of a need for your home and more of a need for you. I have recently jumped on the dry shampoo trend and it's a life-saver. If you have a long night of studying or wake up late and don't have time to wash your hair, it's a great fix and easy way to keep from looking like you are losing your mind.

9. Extension Cords. 

If you didn't figure this out in a dorm, you are now. Outlets can be in inconvenient places, and as a college student, you have to have space to plug in a laptop, printer, phone, lamps, and anything else that you need to plug in. Extension cords and power strips will solve that problem.

10. Broom. 

Yes, a broom. Not a swiffer. Sadly, if you have more dirt than dust, a swiffer will do you no good. You can get a cheap broom at just about any store that carries any cleaning supplies.

11. Paper Towel Holder. 

I mean you could go without but it does make things more convenient. Also looks nicer than just having a roll of paper towels sitting on the counter.

12. Cooking Oil. 

Super easy to forget, but used more often than you think. Cooking oil is used for so many things, and if you have a kitchen, make sure you have it. Nothing is worse than having a meal planned and finding out you don't have cooking oil.

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